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True Friend: Awinja Rallies Kenyans To Raise Ksh5 Million To Clear Jahmby Bill

Friends and family of the late reggae MC and media personality Njambi Koikai aka Jahmby Fyah Mummah have come together appealing to well-wishers for aid in clearing her hospital bills and organizing her funeral.

Among her close friends leading in the call is Kenyan actress Jacky Vike better known as ‘Awinja Nyamwalo’ who took to her social media platforms to rally for help.

Njambi died on Monday, June 3 while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital after a long battle with endometriosis.

She left behind a Kshs 5 million bill, which has sent her family into financial struggle, prompting them to appeal for support.

Vike through a clip, called to her supporters and members of the public to lend a helping hand at this difficult time. She shared a poster holding the details of how individuals could send their contributions.

“Whatever little you have you can send through the shared number, and also those from Diaspora, you can send your contributions through the shared number,” she said in her heartfelt appeal.

She has also partnered with entertainment spot Quiver Lounge Thika Road, for a memorial concert to be held on Wednesday, June 12th in honour of Njambi’s love for the culture. The entry fee to the event is Kshs 500.

“The Kenya Reggae Fraternity pays tribute to Njambi Koikai Fyah Mummah. All Proceeds will go into settling the hospital bill and burial preparations,” the poster shared by the establishment read.

Other notable figures who have shared their appeals include Senator Gloria Orwoba, describing Njambi as an endo warrior who deserved a befitting sendoff.

“Njambi has rested. As we all come to terms with this, the family needs all our support. As the family prepares to say goodbye, let’s give our Endo warrior a memorable send-off,” Senator Orwoba shared on her platforms.

CNN International correspondent Larry Madowo hosted a tribute edition on the Trend Show that airs on NTV featuring former panellists Ciru Muruiki, Jeff Mote, and Anita Nderu, alongside actress Cindy Ogana and content creator Eddie Butita as guest hosts. They all made appeals to the public to help in any capacity to help clear the late entertainer’s bill.

Njambi will be raised to rest on Friday, June 14th at the Lang’ata Cemetry.

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