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Teresiah Kimani: How I Used Sh 10,000 Waitress Salary To Build My Mom A House

Back in 2022 when Teresia Kimani built her mother a permanent house. Photo: Courtesy

In late 2022 Murang’a-born Teresia Kimani made news after she did the unimaginable, putting up a permanent home for her mom on a waitress’s salary.

Raised in utter poverty, Teresia and her five siblings lived in a ramshackle house and were the subject of ridicule by their neighbours which fueled her determination to restore their family’s dignity.

“I was the sixth-born, and I was actually the only one who made it to high school but I dropped out at Form One due to lack of fees. I then got married at a very young age,” she narrated.

After having three children with the man, their marriage ultimately failed, leading to her departure from the relationship.

Teresia relocated to Nairobi from Murang’a seeking employment to support her three children. She was lucky, landing a waitress job in 2019 that would pay her a monthly sum of Ksh 10,000.

With Kshs 10,000 at hand, she estimated how much would be adequate to build a durable, permanent home for her mother guaranteeing her comfort as she aged.

“I started saving tips from the job. I started purchasing building materials. I would use every coin I got to build the house and it took me three years,” she excitedly explained.

She had finally reclaimed her family’s honour and was happy that her mother could now walk with her head held up high after years of disgrace.

She also was excited for her return back into society after years of hiding, eagerly anticipating gathering funds to eventually build her own home, where she planned to live with her three children.

“I had to hide to cover my mother’s shame as we had become a subject of ridicule in the village, but God helped me. I have not built my own place but I believe I will be able to do it in due time,” she said then.

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