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Michelle Ntalami:” Finding Salvation Not An Act, Jesus Found Me”

Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami recently dominated headlines after announcing that she is now born again.  She then purged all her social media posts and shared a message to her followers regarding what led to the life-altering decision.

The renowned entrepreneur and Marini Naturals CEO has enjoyed a successful stint in business, to which she credits her experience and intellect. However, being a public figure, her brand also attracted negative publicity, leading her to break down. She found herself indulging in worldly pleasures like clubbing and drinking to cope.

In an interview with Citizen TV on June 1, 2024, she revealed that her decision to get saved was fueled by the culmination of life experiences that deeply wounded her and that at rock bottom, God revealed Himself to her nine months ago changing her life in an instant.

The businesswoman has been subject to public discourse regarding her sexuality, as she was previously involved with Pro-LGBTQ activist Chris Muriithi. This led to trolling as many have intimated that she got saved to clean up her act and as a ploy to find her husband.

“Very laughable. I did not look for Jesus. He found me,” she stated.

“I am a dignified woman, and I am not what people paint me out to be. I think it is unfair and detrimental to women who have lived their lives and achieved their level of success with dignity. It is the quickest thing used to attack a woman, in the society we live in, no matter what good a woman does, there is always going to be a conversation about her sexuality or how she chooses to live her life,” Ntalami stated,

When asked about her plans after salvation, the mogul insisted that she intended to enjoy her new journey, only that now her number one priority was to do it for the glory of God. She hinted at a major shift in how she runs her business and will reveal details soon.

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