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Miracle Baby Sticks To Promise, Officially Becomes Pastor

Kenyan Gengetone artist Peter 'Miracle Baby" Mwangi after he was anointed to be a pastor

Kenyan Gengetone Artist Miracle Baby officially dons a new name, Pastor Peter Mwangi.

The singer took to his social media accounts to announce this new chapter, sharing a clip of his anointing by Apostle John Paul, marking the beginning of his journey as a clergyman.

“Thank you apostle John Paul for making me an official pastor. Sasa ni kumtumikia Mungu vilivyo (I will serve the Lord),” he captioned the video.

The Mugiithi singer fulfils a vow he made on his hospital bed battling a gastrointestinal infection, that he would become a pastor immediately after he was discharged.

Mwangi has been candid with his supporters since his diagnosis in 2018 detailing the challenges that came with the illness on social media. He went through three critical surgeries, accruing Kshs 1.6 million in hospital bills.

His wife and fellow artist Carol Katrue had made a public appeal for help in settling the bill, after which well-wishers and fellow artists including KRG The Don helped in contributions.

The move however raises eyebrows on what the requirements to become a clergyman are in Kenya, with many questioning whether his intentions are genuine.

“How easy is it to become a pastor in this country?” one netizen asked.

Kwani pastor siku hizi hawasomangi? (Do pastors not study anymore?)” one named Ruth Ken posed.

Another faction of social media users believes that it is not until one is face to face with a near-death experience that they turn to their maker and hence Mwangi was on the right track.

“This is good, you promised Gid so our God is happy, may you serve him all the days of your life,” a user named Miriam 93k stated.

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