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Njugush Calls Out Kris Darlin Over Tone-Deaf Tribute To Njambi

Comedian Njugush and Veteran DJ Kris Darlin PHOTO: Courtesy

As tributes continue to stream in over the untimely passing of reggae MC and radio personality Njambi Koikai on Tuesday, June 5, 2024, veteran DJ Kris Darlin took issue with how people chose to remember the late.

The entertainer made a controversial post on his Instagram account, seemingly calling out grievers for what he alleged was a photo op moment with the deceased, yet failed to show public support when she made a public appeal for blood donation in the days leading to her death.

“It’s now TIME to POST PICS with the DEPARTED but when she asked and needed BLOOD DONATIONS & HELP NOBODY POSTED PICS,” the statement read.

The post elicited mass outrage, with many criticizing him for his inconsiderate post, adding that telling people how to mourn the late empress was hypocritical.

Comedian Njugush further intimated that there was more to the story than Darlin let on and that he had no place to question people’s intentions.

He accused the DJ of putting her through a lot, raising eyebrows
over what transpired between the two reggae entertainers.

“But Kris you should be the last to speak….you know what you put her through!” Njugush wrote.

Fans have implored Njugush to tell the whole story as it seems he knows much more about what occurred between the two.

Kris Darlin is not new to controversy, as he is known to be difficult to work with, with DJs and MCees quitting from his Dohty Family management label.

Other celebrities who called him out include fellow DJs Xclusive, DJ Moh, DJ Shitti the comedian and celebrity stylist Anyiko Woko.

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