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Njugush: Why I Don’t Regret Investing Sh 8 Million in the Matatu Business


Veteran Comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly know as Njugush, and his wife Celestine Ndinda recently announced they have entered into the world of business by unveiling a 36 seater matatu named after their son, Tugi.

During the unveiling ceremony, Njugush expressed his excitement and optimism about the new endeavor.

The couple proudly presented their matatu’s plush interior, demonstrating their attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch experience for passengers.

Njugush explained the motivations behind this new venture, emphasizing the importance of diversifying their income streams.

“I want to explore various avenues, including farming. It’s about seizing opportunities that others have laid the groundwork for. This venture is a trial, and I’m hopeful it will be successful. It’s the way forward. We should capitalize on our successes to invest wisely as artists,” he shared.

The comedian also acknowledged the invaluable support of close friends like Butita, Abel Mutua, Judy Mutua, and Philip Karanja, whose encouragement has been instrumental in bringing this dream to life.

“These are the individuals whose photos adorn the interior of our matatu. It’s by the grace of God. Hard work plays a part, but ultimately, it’s God’s hand that guides us. Kenyans, please support our venture. I can’t fully express how I feel, but I hope for the best,” Njugush said.

This venture into the matatu business was partly inspired by a humorous incident involving Njugush’s Toyota Prado TX.

After his friend Abel Mutua jokingly called the vehicle a “wardrobe,” Njugush decided to sell it, eventually listing the well-maintained 2014 model, which boasted a sunroof and seven leather seats. The sale of the car helped finance the new matatu.

Registered with the Super Metro Sacco, Njugush and Celestine’s matatu will service the Rongai route.

They hope this new business will not only succeed financially but also foster a stronger connection with the community.

Beyond this venture, Njugush continues to explore various other projects, including an interest in farming.

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