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Prestigious Institutions Jahmby Koikai Attended While Living In ‘Ungwaro’

Media personality Jahmby Koikai attended Makini School for her primary education

The news of the demise of media personality and reggae MC Jahmby Koikai has sent shockwaves throughout the country, with fans eulogizing her as a trendsetter and a voice of the generation.

She died after a long battle with endometriosis.

The entertainer who went by the moniker ‘Fyah Mummah’ was vocal about her challenging upbringing and credited her mother and grandmother for her success despite growing up in Nairobi’s Kawangware area.

Her mother was a visionary and toiled to change their narrative through quality education. While living in a grass- thatched mud house , she enrolled Jahmby to one of the country’s best schools.

“My very ambitious mom took to me to St. Hannah’s Prep school and Makini School for my primary education. I stood out like a sore thumb. I was always fighting at school because kids made fun of me. See, I came from the ghetto attending these schools. No one in my community ever attended such schools. Heck, our people would only visit these localities if they were looking for work. I came from Ungwaro,” she once said in an interview with the Standard.

Living in Kawangware was tough for little Jahmby, and at school fitting in was utterly impossible. She recalled one time after a school trip that she wanted to lie to save face in front of former Makini director Mary Okello.

“I was thinking of lying about where we lived so she could drop me elsewhere. She insisted that she would drop me home to my mom or grandma. Eeeeh. So we finally got home. We had no parking, she parked across the road,” she stated.

Jahmby however maintained that it was Okello’s grace that helped her settle in the school.

“Mrs. Okello made our lives at Makini School easier. She was an amazing director and educator,” she narrated.

Below are the profiles of the institutions Jamby attended:

Makini School

Founded in 1978 as a nursery school, Makini School is a pioneer in quality education. It offers the Kenyan system of education and Cambridge curricula with five campuses in Nairobi & Kisumu, offering nursery, primary and high school education.

The institution has the right facilities to guarantee a good learning environment for all students with modern laboratories, dining rooms, playgrounds and music rooms.

In addition to the curriculum, the school offers optional activities such as karate, horse riding, Tae Kwon Do, skating, ballet,golf, piano and other musical instruments.

School range from Kshs 55,000 to Kshs 94000 exclusive of registration fees.

St Hanna’s Preparatory School
St Hannah’s Preparatory School is among the elite private schools in Nairobi county and has a track record of shaping the best brains in the country.

Founded in 1981, the school occupies a total of four campuses, comprising an early learning centre, a mixed primary school, a boys’ high school and a girls’ high school in Karen and on Ngong Road. It caters to children as young as 18 months to 18 years.

It is equipped with facilities such as music rooms, computer labs, science laboratories, swimming pools, tennis lawns and basketball courts.

School fees range from Kshs 76,000 to Kshs 89,000 exclusive of registration fees.

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