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Terence Creative: Why Milly Chebby Didn’t Talk with Jackie Matubia at Bahati’s Event

Content creator Terence Creative has revealed why his wife didn’t speak with her long-time friend Jackie Matubia.

The two met at an event where musician-turned-reality-TV-star Kevin Bahati and his family officially launched their new reality TV show, ‘The Bahati Empire.’

The event brought together notable people, including Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Amidst the celebrations, a notable reaction was observed as Terence Creative and his wife Milly didn’t greet their close friend Jackie Matubia.

While addressing the situation after the event, Terence explained that they couldn’t meet due to the protocol they had to follow as part of the Deputy President’s entourage.

“I’ve not met her one-on-one. Tulikuja na safara ya Naibu Rais so there was a protocol tungefaa tufuate. Hatukupata nafasi ya ku interact na watu. Wakati show iliisha tuli interact na watu lakini kwa bahati mbaya maybe hatukupatana naye. Lakini tulisalimia kila mtu,” Terence explained.

When asked if they could collaborate with the TV star if an opportunity arises, Terence said, “Tumekuwa tukifanya biashara na watu wengi and let’s say coincidentally tupate kazi ambayo tuko supposed kufanya pamoja, tutafanya pamoja. Sisi hatuna chuki, ubinafsi na mtu yeyote na hatubagui mtu yeyote.”

Terence acknowledged that while they might not speak every day, it doesn’t mean the friendship is over.

“Ni kawaida. Hata wazazi labda huongei nao kila siku lakini hiyo haimaanishi ile si familia. Tuko tayari kufanya kazi na mtu yeyote. Hakuna barrier yeyote kikazi, kisalamu ama kirafiki. Lakini wewe ukihisi kwamba utaweza kujitenga nasi ni sawa. Lakini sisi we are open arms for everyone,” Terence noted.

Rumors of their strained relationship resurfaced in 2023 after they unfollowed each other on social media.

The tension further escalated when Matubia missed Milly Chebby’s traditional wedding, revealing that she wasn’t invited because she had no husband.

“What happened between us is what I have severally called seasons of life. I am not one to keep explaining myself to every barking dog. When we were friends, it was just two of us, and when it stopped, I never thought one of us would go to social media and air our dirty linen because we share so many secrets,” explained Chebet.

She expressed disappointment that Matubia chose to unfollow her first but asserted that she has never mocked Matubia for not having a husband, clarifying that such claims have been misrepresentations.

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