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‘Together For 8 Months’: Betty Kyallo Spills The Tea On Ben-10 Boyfriend, Shuts Down Age Gap Speculations

Media personality Betty Kyallo PHOTO: Courtesy

Kenyan TV personality Betty Kyallo has disclosed details about her new relationship, as speculation is rife over the identity of her mystery man.

In a recent interview, she spilled the tea on how long she has been seeing her boyfriend, thankful that things had been going great despite the attention her relationship has attracted.

“I would not like to give too many details about it because there are people of evil eyes out there but God has protected us. We have been together for about 8 months now,” she said.

The TV47 anchor set the record straight on why his identity has remained hidden despite her active social media presence. She added that she is respectful of his wishes to live a private life and keep the relationship under wraps.

“I am a person who puts everything online but he doesn’t like the online life, but I don’t hide it from him. People have seen us out there. The fact that I haven’t posted him doesn’t mean I’m hiding him. We go everywhere from restaurants to the supermarket and everywhere, for now, I can say that I am not hiding it, we just live a normal life.” she added.

The ‘Kyallo Kulture’ star assured that she was happy and focused on love and asked that people refrain from focusing on trivial matters like her relationship.

“To be honest, I can’t complain, I’m in a good place and I also feel loved. But why does my love life bother people? I am in a good place, I found someone we understand, each other” Kyallo said.

Kyallo shut down rumours about her boyfriend’s age, stating he was mature enough to date her.

“Even if he was 21, he’s an adult,” she said.

She further shut down marriage chatter, emphasizing that their focus was on building their relationship, terming their current situation as a “wedding”. She maintained her primary focus on her daughter Ivanna who she shares with Dennis Okari.

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