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Carol Sonnie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Carol Sonnie Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Miscarriage is a less commonly talked about topic when it comes to reproductive health. There is a lot of grief and shame associated with not being able to carry a baby to term. However, in these recent times, women have come out and revolutionized the scene by constantly talking about it and spreading awareness. One Carol Sonnie is such a woman who decided to demystify the shame by talking about it alongside her partner, David Oyando, commonly known as Mulamwah. In this article, we will explore the life and work of this courageous woman, who has made headlines for her creative work and talent.

Carol Sonnie Age and Place of Birth

Muthoni Carol, popularly known by her nickname, Sonnie, was born in Kenya in 1995. She is currently 26 years old.

Carol Sonnie Early Life, Education, and Career

Carol Muthoni was born to a very loving and able family. Her parents were Pratt insistent and particular about getting her the best education in the country. As a result, she did not attend the normal 8-4-4 system. Instead, she attended the British Cambridge system and sat for IGSCE exams. Through her extensive education, she developed a liking for acting and the theatrical arts. This is shown through her love for creating great content for her TikTok audience, which is considerably huge. 

After completing her education, she decided to pursue acting and she made a few appearances at the Kenya National Theatre. This was where most actors and actresses who wanted to make their debut performed and earned a living. She has since become popular and her proximity to Mulamwah has fueled the flames of fame.

Carol Sonnie Personal Life

Carol Muthoni is not married but she is together with comedian Mulamwah. Together, they have had their high and low moments as they once suffered a miscarriage. In addition, their relationship hit the rocks when they separated but they soon came back together. They recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives. They made the headlines when David Oyando gifted her Kshs. 100000 for carrying the pregnancy to term and successfully going through the hurdles of childbirth.

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Carol Sonnie Net Worth and Assets

Her net worth is currently not known. However, she seems to be making great progress with her work as an actress and she will soon be wealthy like her celebrity counterparts.

Real Name Carol Muthoni
Age 26 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status Engaged
Net worth  Unknown


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