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Elsa Majimbo Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Elsa Majimbo Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth
Elsa Majimbo. Source: Instagram

Elsa Majimbo is a Kenyan comedian who has shattered all previously upheld glass ceilings across the board. The teenager who rose to global stardom and astronomical levels of success. Attaining the recognition of global stars such as Beyonce Knowles Cater, Lily Singh and Naomi Campbell in a short span of time, Elsa has set the pace high and just brought into the light what is possible to anyone regardless of age and race.

Elsa Majimbo Age and Place of Birth

Majimbo is a nineteen-year-old Kenyan born on 29th June 2001. She is from the capital, Nairobi. She mentions her family in her monolog comic videos talking about her father, mother and her relationship with the people who live in their home.

Elsa Majimbo Education Background

Elsa is a student at the private institution, Strathmore University. She also involves stories from her school encounters in her monologues such as making fun of her grades as highlighted by her lecturer, her dressing and encounters on campus. She also mentions her online schooling experience in keeping up with the prevailing trends.

Elsa Majimbo Comic and Career Journey

Elsa had been shooting and sharing monologue videos since 2016 and temporarily stopped three years later. As the chess player she is, she went back to the drawing board, established the kingdom she wanted to conquer and set up a strategy that would get her there at all costs. She has since been taking a 20-mile march in producing and sharing videos shot from her iPhone to the world.

Her performance involves using a pair of dark glasses as a prop and biting potato crisps. The theme she uses is a natural rand relaxed setting, often with no makeup and hair undone comparatively to her outside engagements. Many people have adopted Majimbo’s videos as voice overs in shooting their own videos and using her hashtagaas.

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She has been able to amass millions of fans across the world who have become loyals. This has offered her luxurious deals in endorsements including Rihanna’s Fenty, MAC, Valentino, Teen Vogue and Forbes. She is definitely a force to reckon with consistently availing a new rabbit from what seems to be a magician’s hat.

She has for instance come up with new products in her creative expression including Bedtime with Elsa where she engages in a chat with celebrities and people doing great things in life such as the Black Lives Matter movement leaders. She also runs a show titled Ask Elsa where she responds to dating questions.

Elsa Majimbo Personal Life, Dating

Majimbo does not share her personal life with the public except through her videos. She further tags her personal and close friends on her social media pages.

Elsa Majimbo Contacts and Personal Details

Real Name Elsa Majimbo
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Nairobi, Kenya
Age 19 years old
Education Strathmore University
Date of Birth 29th June, 2001
Tribe Unknown
Boyfriend/Spouse Unknown
Profession Comedian
Net Worth Kshs 12.4 Million (approx.)
Children Unknown


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