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Faith Kipyegon Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Faith Kipyegon Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The 2021 Olympics were a much waited for sport especially because of the pandemic and lockdown, which most countries had been through. As usual, the athletic countries in Africa that were champions especially in running were expected to take the forefront. However, the tables were turned especially for team Kenya that did not do well except for a few individuals. One of these individuals was Faith Kipyegon, who against all odds, scooped a gold medal for her win. In this article, we will explore the life and work of Faith Kipyegon.

Faith Kipyegon Age and Place of Birth

Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon was born in the highland areas of Kenya on the 10th of January of 1994. She is currently 27 years old

Faith Kipyegon Early Life, Education, and Career

Like most middle and long-distance runners, Faith’s career started while she was at a tender age. She was showered with support from her parents who understood how dear this sport was to her. They also understood how impactful her athletic abilities could be if nurtured in the right environment.

Nevertheless, they ensured she got a decent education to complement her very obvious talent. Not everyone makes it to the limelight and so they wanted to cushion her in case athletics did not pan out as expected. However, things worked for good for her as she started signing up and winning championships as young as 16 years old. This was the beginning of her career that would later flourish in unexpected ways.

Later after winning a gold medal in the World cross country championships, she got involved in the 2011 version of where she again won the gold medal. This was the case for her 2012 and 2013 races where she unabashedly won. Her stellar track record helped her transition easily to the senior bits of her career. Ms. Kipyegon started by participating in relays alongside other able athletes in Kenya. Here she and her team scooped the gold medal. It seemed as though with every race she went on unfazed as she kept on winning and staying on top in the consequent races.

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What sets her apart is her ability to keep pushing the boundaries despite the happenings in her personal life which we will highlight next.

Faith Kipyegon Personal Life

Faith Kipyegon is married to Timothy Kitum and has two children. She got these two children in the midst of her competing for races. After giving birth to her firstborn in 2018, she went back and won a silver medal in 2019. Later on, in 2021, she went ahead and set a new record by scooping her latest gold medal yet. Hers is a legacy of winning and breaking barriers to achieve goals.

Faith Kipyegon Net Worth and Assets

Her net worth at this moment is unknown but she makes a considerable income from her career as a middle-distance runner

Real name Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon
Age 27 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status Married
Net worth Unknown


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