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Grace Ekirapa Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Grace Ekirapa Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Boyfriend, Net Worth
NTV Host Grace Ekirapa. IMAGE: Instagram

Grace Ekirapa is a renowned Kenyan gospel musician, corporate emcee and television host. She currently works with the Nation media Group (NMG) on NTV, hosting Crossover 101 show alongside DJ Mo. The show airs every Sunday on NTV.

Grace Ekirapa Age, Place of Birth, Family Background

Grace was born on 26th April in Nairobi county. She was brought up and grew in Nairobi in a Christian background.

Grace Ekirapa Education and Career Background

Grace went through her primary school education at Kingdom Academy. She later joined Kinyui Girls High School where she did well in her examinations and Joined a Bible School to pursue Theology. She is currently a student at one of the reputed bible schools in Kenya. Grace graduated from the Amani Counseling Centre as a psychologist and hoping to pursue her Master’s degree in the same course.

Grace began her TV hosting career at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). At the station, she used to host Angaza. When NTV’s Faith Muturi left Nation Media Group, Grace was poached to the station to host Crossover 101 alongside DJ Mo.

Apart from singing and hosting programs on TV, Grace expressed her passion for counseling and psychology. She also hosts a ministry called The prayer Woman which is almost like a mentorship programme to guide women spiritually. So far, the program mentors more than 60 women.

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When she was growing up, she looked up to Julie Gichuru among many personalities in the media industry.

“Her life is something you can admire. I like borrowing from what I can admire, then make my own. I believe in uniqueness. I struggled with comparison when I was younger”.  Grace said on an interview with the Daily Nation.

“For a long time, I didn’t have my identity because I struggled to be somebody else. Yet, God created all of us in a different way. I prefer complementing others in what they do best. That is a far better journey than comparing and competing.” Grace added.

Grace Ekirapa Songs and Music Career

 In her Music career, Ekipara has written and recorded the three main songs that became a hit. The songs include;

  1. Kibali
  2. Perfect
  3. Sifa

Grace Ekirapa DJ Mo

Grace told the Daily Nation that she knew DJ Mo when she was still at KBC. They display a chemistry on NTV that looks more of a reunion since they were great friends before the Crossover 101 show.

“Our friendship has been cultivated and I now know him better than I did before; what would make him upset, or vice versa. It’s the same scenario with the whole team.” She said.

Grace Ekirapa Husband, Paskal Tokodi

Grace admitted that she has dated several men and parted ways. Some of the relations ions the she found herself in never made her proud and therefore taught her a lesson.

She prayed for God to give her a spiritually mature man whom she got and is so prod of him. More details about the lucky man are still under wraps. This piece will be updated as soon as information is available.

“I believe I got into some of them to learn to appreciate people’s strengths and weaknesses, so many times we meet counterfeits and when we meet the original we appreciate it. They were good people, we still talk and keep in touch but I’m glad God eventually brought the person and I’m glad that I waited”. Grace said during an interview.

Rumors have always rented the air that Grace Ekirapa is Dating Selina Maisha Magic East’s Pascal Tokodi. In a video that was shared on Ekirapa’s Instagram profile recently, the two seem to be lovebirds. Tuko News blog also recently did an article about the Ekirapa and Pascal’s dating affair.

Here is the Instagram video:


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Grace Ekirapa Net Worth and Salary

Her estimated net worth is more than Kshs. 2.9 Million. She gets much of her income from brand deals and Tv profession. Her salary at the Nation Media Group is estimated to be approximately more than Kshs.150,000.

Grace Ekirapa Contacts and Social media

Grace can be contacted through her social media headless such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. She is however more active on Twitter and Instagram.

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