Henry Desagu Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth

Henry Desagu Biography

Comedy in the world has a crucial role it plays. A major one is entertainment and offering of a break from the harsh realities of life and offering a good laugh to cheer up a downcast individual.

With the whole new world created by the internet, online comedy is more readily accessible and is giving young people a chance to earn some income while enjoying themselves and putting their skills and talents into good use. One such person is Kenya’s Henry Desagu who does comedy on YouTube. In this article we look at his biography.

Henry Desagu Age and Place of Birth

Henry Desagu was born as Ithagu Kibicho and uses the name Desagu as a stage name. He was born in Kenya to parents who wanted him to pursue a good career and make a name for himself in the generally accepted fields such as Law, Economics or Medicine.

The lad however was talented in comedy and would entertain several people in churches and gatherings when he was a young boy. He lost his father and now remains with his mother and siblings. Desagu is in his late 20s about to hit the third floor.

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Henry Desagu Education Background

The comedian is a well educated individual having been able to complete his 8.4.4 cycle of education in Kenya. He attended Menengai High School and on completion got admitted to Kenyatta University to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics.

Henry Desagu Career Journey

On graduation, he decided to go into comedy using YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook to share his comical videos.

His style is particularly bent towards the issues in society and calling for action among the citizens. For example, he has taken videos to encourage citizens to vote and one is better known for is his creation of the Team Mafisi Sacco.

He says he began this Sacco following an observation that most of his friends were getting hurt when their girlfriends left them for older men who had more money. The men referred to as sponsors. Henry Desagu decided to use his platform to address the matter and the same went viral making him an internet sensation.

He launched his YouTube channel in the year 2016 garnering close to 390,000 subscribers and more than 5 million video views. He acknowledges the hard work that comes with content creation and keeping his fans entertained.

Due to his often relevance in content creation and highly hilarious topics being discussed, he has created an audience for himself which has created further opportunities for him such as affiliate marketing and doing a few endorsements. He has so far worked with firms such as Expeditions Maasai Safari, Motorhub and Treasure Garden Real Estate.

Henry Desagu Personal Life, Girlfriend and Kids

Ithagu Kibicho has a model, actress girlfriend named Jackie Mbugua whom he features in a number of his videos.

Net worth and Assets

Desagu makes most of his earnings from YouTube and his endorsement deals which he has said are encouraging as they show that his hard work is paying off. His earnings per month range about Ksh 50,000.

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