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How to Get Safaricom eSIM Card, Benefits and Requirements to Acquire

How to Get Safaricom eSIM Card, Benefits and Requirements to Acquire

Safaricom is a top global telecommunications firm that is always on the forefront of innovating quality products and services for their customers. Safaricom has introduced its own Embedded Subscriber Identity Module (eSIM card) which allows users connect to the network without requiring a physical sim card. The eSIM is a virtual sim that is embedded in supported devices such as phones, tablets and other tech accessories.

How to get it Safaricom eSIM Card

For Safaricom users to get their eSIM activated, they need to look out for these:

  1. Their selected device must be eSIM supported. The devices that are compatible with the virtual sim thus far are listed below:

iPhone XSMax, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2020, Samsung Note 20, Samsung ZFold and S21

  1. Stable internet connection during the installation procedure.
  2. Go to a Safaricom store with any of the listed supported devices. Plans are underway to incorporate support for more devices such as Google Pixels, Windows Tablets, Huawei, Motorola smartphones and iPads which come with embedded sim cards.
  3. If you do not have a supported device, a wide variety of choices are available at all Safaricom shops for your purchase.
  4. At the shop, set up your profile settings by scanning the eSIM QR Code using the supported device. This is the core set up activity.
  5. The device will automatically initiate the download process which will install the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module settings for your Safaricom number.
  6. After successful download, the eSIM is now ready for use. Sync with your preferred networks such as Faiba and proceed with use.

Benefits of Safaricom eSIM Card

Users can now have more than one sim card in their devices synchronizing their communication to one device.

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The eSIM is virtual and encrypted into device hence users can never misplace their sim cards. This will take away the challenge of accessing PUK numbers for blocked Safaricom phone numbers.

The eSIM allows users to switch from one network to another seamlessly. This is convenient for travelers who move around different network zones regularly as long as the networks support eSIMs.

For users who subscribe to periodical data plans, it is possible to have more than one active data plan, all running concurrently.

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