Home People Kenya Jacky Vike Awinja Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth

Jacky Vike Awinja Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth

Jacky Vike Awinja Biography, Career, Personal Life, Family and Net Worth

Jacky Vike Awinja Biography

Awinja from the Citizen TV old classic Papa Shirandula that starred the late Charles Bukeko is a talented actress who has played the role for over 5 years. She has won the favor and admiration of most fans from her top notch acting skills. She brings to life the character of a Luhya house girl, depicting the exact manner in which things unfold in a normal Nairobi household.

She has mastered the skill of doing accents and bringing to life a whole life. In this article, we see the steps she took to get her to the big screen, her early life and her personal life in this biography.

Jacky Vike Age and Place of Birth

Awinja’s real name is Jacky Vike. She was born on the 8th of September 33 years ago in 1987 in the town of Eastleigh in Nairobi. She grew up in Nairobi and had some time spent with her grandparents back in her rural home. She has two brothers and two sisters being the middle child.

Jacky Vike Education Background

Jacky Vike began schooling in Heshima Road Primary School before proceeding to high school in Kegoye High School. She attended high school in the Western region of Kenya.

Jacky Vike Career Journey

Miss Vike kicked off her acting profession soon after clearing high school as a play actress at the Kenya National Theater. Her she would do high school set books acting in different high schools across the country as she got better at her act. She spent a few years doing plays before she was spotted by the late Charles Bukeko who passed on in July of 2020. He pitched the Awinja idea to her.

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She later auditioned for the role of Awinja on Papa Shirandula and was able to get the job. Jacky had to learn how to do accents and learn how her role would normally behave in a real setting. She has said that the role completely changed her life. It was her big break after several years toiling in the industry that is highly competitive.

Apart from her acting career, Jacky Vike works as a yoga instructor and as a dancer.

Jacky Vike Personal Life, Husband, Boyfriend

Jacky is a mother to one son whom she is very protective over, keeping him away from the media as much as possible. Her partner is Alfred Ngachi, a high performing creative director whose works have gained accolades from many across the country. He does all manner of creative work including design, editorial work and animation.

Jacky Vike Net worth and Assets

Jacky Vike’s income sources are majorly from her acting roles and doing brand endorsements or marketing. For instance, she has worked with Equity Bank. The details of the assets under her name remain unknown as at the time of this article’s publication.

Jacky Vike Contacts and Instagram

Instagram – @jackyvike

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