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Narendra Raval Biography – Education, Wikipedia, Family and Net Worth

Narendra Raval Biography - Education, Wikipedia, Family and Net Worth
Rarendra Raval (Guru) Image Source: businesstoday.co.ke

Narendra Raval alias Guru is a Kenyan-Indian philanthropist, industrialist and tycoon. He is the founder and chairman of Devki group of Companies and also the current Egerton’s University Chancellor. Narendra was appointed by His Excellency the president of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta. He replaced the outgoing Chancellor Prof Shem Oyoo Wandiga.

Narendra Raval Age and Place of Birth

Narendra is 58 years old as of the year 2020. He was Born in a small village of Mathak in Gujarat in 1962, India and was brought up in religious doctrines.

He started off as an assistant priest, then a palmist and astrologer, to a shopkeeper, an industrialist, and now the owner of a multi-billion company. He migrated to Kenya in the year 1978. During that time, he was 16 years old who came to Kenya to work as a temple teacher.

Narendra Raval Education Background

As per his autobiography ‘A Long Walk to Success’, he never made it to a college or a university. He studied up to Year 12 in Kutch – Bhuj, India while he used to stay in the Temple where he also learnt spiritual preaching, cooking for temple devotees, acquired command over Sanskrit (ancient Hindu) language, knowledge of astrology and palmistry, as well as knowledge on the Hindu Religion. 

Narendra Raval Net Worth and Source of his Wealth

Narendra’s net worth is estimated to be approximately over Kshs. 50 Billion. Together with his wife, they started a small steel processing company in Nairobi at Gikomba market which later grew up to become Devki Group of companies.

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Devki deals in manufacturing steel products, roofing sheets and cement. Devki Group has become East Africa’s largest construction material company. The company is now being depended upon by several east African companies. Companies under Devki Group of companies include;

  • Devki Steel Mills Limited,
  • Maisha Mabati Mills Limited and
  • National Cement Companies Limited,
  • Northwood Agencies Limited, which offers helicopter services.

Devki Group of companies has employed over 4000 employees and has an annual revenue of 65 Billion. Narendra was featured among the top 50 richest men in Forbes Africa back in the year 2015 on the 2015 list.

Raval is a devoted generous philanthropist who funds children homes in the country. He also donates half of his wealth to charities and leaves the other half to his family as inheritance.

Narendra Raval Family, Wife and Children

He is married to Neeta Naval and the two brought forth three children. According to Raval, his wife has been so supportive to him even at the times that they had nothing since in 1985.

His children are Devang Raval who has joined the business and is under Naval’s grooming to take over the mantle in future, Tulsi Raval who is undergoing her studies oriented towards participation in future business activities and the youngest Devrath Raval who is undergoing school education.

Narendra Raval on Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Raval has joined other world philanthropists to support the Kenyan government to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. He has recently donated oxygen worth Kshs. 100 Million to the Kenyan hospitals to support the Corona virus infected patients.

Narendra Raval Awards and Recognitions

  • ‘Guru’ of Entrepreneurs
  • SOL Lions Gold Awards
  • Forbes Magazine Africa Awards
  • 46th Richest Person in Africa Award
  • Melvin Award
  • Enabling Means of Livelihood to the Kenyan Widows
  • The 2013 Taxpayers’ Award Ceremony
  • Top 50 Richest Men in Forbes Africa (2015)
  • Kenyan Entrepreneur of the year (2018)

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