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Sarah Kabu Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Sarah Kabu Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Growing a business from the grassroots is one big venture. While most businesses fail, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and doing clear market research to sustain it. Aside from just all this, it takes one person who can be constantly in touch with the customers’ needs to do the work and stay in the market. Together, Sarah Kabu and her husband have started a tourism company that focuses on curating great adventures for local tourists. They have successfully done this for a while and have become the entrepreneurs to watch in Kenya. In this article, we will explore the life and work of Sarah Kabu.

Sarah Kabu Age and Place of Birth

She was born in Kenya in July 1978. She is currently 41 years old.

Sarah Kabu Early Life, Education, and Career

Sarah grew up in the very humble countryside of central Kenya in Embu. Together with her 8 siblings, they were raised by very loving parents who devoted themselves equally to all their children. Being Christians, they all, grew up in staunch and disciplined environments shaped by the values of Christianity. Both of Sarah’s parents were entrepreneurial and she seemed to really take after them in her academic pursuits.

She was educated in the countryside before proceeding to get her high school certificate that set precedence for her tertiary education. In college, she pursued a diploma in Business and information technology. Sarah took up work in a couple of firms where she gained experience in incorporating technology to improve businesses.

Sarah also constantly attended events that helped her network with her colleagues. It was here that she met Simon Kabu, her husband who is the founder of bonfire adventures. Together, they organized a couple of end-year parties for corporate organizations. They realized then that they had the power of bringing people together for events and leisurely pursuits. It was after a few of these organized events that they decide fi start a company called Bonfire adventures. Sarah is the managing director of the company and the business has been so far one of the most successful tour companies in Kenya. 

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Sarah Kabu Personal Life

Sarah Kabu got married to Simon Kabu at a lavish wedding. Their marriage has been successful since then balancing work and business. Together, they also have 3 children whom Sarah loves very much. 

Sarah Kabu Net Worth and Assets

Sarah’s wealth is drawn from the work she does with her husband. Her net worth is estimated to be at Kshs. 500 million.

Real name Sarah Kabu
Age 41 years old.
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status Married
Net worth Kshs. 500million


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