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Top and Best Scholarships for Tech Lovers

Top and Best Scholarships for Tech Lovers

For those asking themselves if applying for a scholarship is worth the effort, the answer is – absolutely! Scholarships can take some of that financial burden off your shoulders and make your college experience more comfortable.

It is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest names in your field of interest and make connections to help you advance in your career. Also, scholarships can be a valuable addition to your CV.

If we managed to pique your interest, keep reading because we’re bringing you three scholarships in tech that have caught our attention.

1.   Breakthrough Junior Challenge

If you’re a science buff and have excellent video editing skills, this one is for you. You have a chance to win a scholarship worth $250,000! Aside from this, your teacher or mentor can get $50,000 for leading you through the project, and your school can be rewarded with a new $100,000 science lab.

Who can apply?

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 is eligible to apply.

How can you apply?

You have to make a short video (3 minutes max) that’ll explain a big scientific idea. It can cover any topic in Life Sciences, Physics, and Mathematics. You can choose any format you like – it can be animated video, documentary, etc. Whatever you want, as long as you use demonstrations, simulations, or any other visually dynamic medium that’ll help you get your point across.

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When it’s due?

You have to submit your video no later than 25th June 2022

2.   Future of Internet Privacy Scholarship

Technology is taking us to new wonderful places, and for those interested in the growing issue of protecting online privacy in these new areas, this subject is only gathering more momentum. Everyday interest is growing and it’s a great opportunity to learn about a subject that will only grow in importance.

If you’re a student, ExpressVPN’s scholarship is worth looking into. The winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize, a one-year ExpressVPN subscription, and the opportunity to strengthen their CV when applying for further education.

Who can apply?

Everyone attending a high school, undergraduate, or graduate program anywhere in the world.

How can you apply?

You have to write a 600 to 800 word-long essay in English in which you’ll answer the following question:

  • If you were writing the rules for the metaverse, how would you ensure it was free, open, and safe?

When it’s due?

The essay should be submitted by 15th September 2022. 

3.   Solar Scholarship

Renewable energy sources will hopefully transform our energy-dependent lives and protect the environment from harmful impacts our planet has been exposed to. If you’re looking for a project opportunity in renewable sources, the Solar Action Alliance has an excellent option. You can apply for a $1 000 scholarship and contribute to building a more sustainable future.

Who can apply?

Applicants have to be full-time students at some higher education institution and have a minimum of 3.2 GPA.

How can you apply?

You’ll have to write a 500 to 1000 words essay based on the following question:

  • What excites you most about the future of solar?

When it’s due?

The submission deadline is 1st July 2022. You can check the Solar Action Alliance’s website for more information.

Keep in mind that deadlines for some of these scholarships are pretty close. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn something new, build your resume, and win a nice bonus!

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