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Trouble in Paradise? Confusion As Bahati Drops Photo Of Ex Yvette Obura After Diana-Wanyama Selfie

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua Photo: BahatiKenya/Instagram

The internet is in a frenzy after Kenyan artist Bahati took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, June 4, posting a photo of him and his ex Yvette Obura together with their daughter Mueni Bahati.

The photo he captioned” I wish I knew” follows a past selfie of his wife Diana Marua and footballer Victor Wanyama with a heartbeak caption arousing speculation that all may not be well with the couple.

Reports have emerged that the pair have unfollowed each other on social media, raising eyebrows on the marriage’s state.

The photos Bahati posted on his Instagram
PHOTO: Bahatikenya/Instagram

Diana has since shed light on the context of the photos with Wanyama, stating that they were in a social setting when the photos were taken.

“I met Victor through mutual friends, and we happened to hang out, so that translated to us taking selfies and group photos,” Diana explained.

Bahati in the past has admitted that there has been a frosty relationship between his wife and Mueni’s mother, but they remain cordial to co-parent the child.

Netizens and celebrities hence flocked the artist’s comment section with diverse opinions, with many urging him to be mindful of what he was putting on the internet, and prioritise protecting his family.

“From a big brother: Whatever is going on, please do not involve your kids. Please,” radio presenter Alex Mwakideu urged.

“Why are you involving mama Mueni in this nonsense though?” another asked.

“Even if it is true that you broke up, kids are for you to protect not weaponize. Seek counselling if need be, social media will only judge you,” Jemo Nduati advised.

Bahati and Marua have in the past taken advantage of their platforms to chase clout for their content, and many fans speculate that this could just be another ploy to rake in the numbers.

Many opined that if indeed this was a publicity stunt, its ramifications would be dire, especially for the children and their brand.

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