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Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Kamene, Salary and Net Worth

Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Kamene, Salary and Net Worth
Andrew Kibe. Image Source: Instagram

Andrew Kibe is a Kenyan radio host and controversial rubbish-talking content creator who is known for talking about sex, relationships, women and alcohol in a rather hard-headed manner. He is the former radio host and currently. Together with Kamene Goro, they quit their previous job at NRG radio and they currently work together as co-hosts at Kiss FM at the Morning Kiss.

Andrew Kibe Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Andrew Kibe is a family man who is yet to reveal his real age. We will update you with this information once we lay our hands on it.

Andrew Kibe Career

Kibe and Kamene Goro co-hosted at NRG’s Breakfast before Kiss FM poached the duo for the Morning Kiss. The duo seems to be doing so well in steering the show. In 2012, Kibe contested for Lang’ata parliamentary seat but lost to Joash Olum.

Andrew Kibe NRG

Kibe and Kamene left NRG Radio for Kiss FM after handing in a 3-day notice. By doing so, the 2 dishonored the non-complete clause in their contracts that required them to stay away from working for a rival media house until 3 months went by. The 2 paid their ex-employer 3 months’ salary in lieu of notice.

Andrew Kibe Accident

Kibe revealed that he battled depression after he got involved in a horrific accident that almost claimed his life. He has since gotten better and recovered from it.

Andrew Kibe Arrest

In 2019, Andrew was taken to court after failing to pay Joshua Weru, a former colleague, a loan totaling to Kshs. 2.5 million. He was arrested at his work station and arraigned to court on Wednesday. According to him, it is true that he owed him the amount that had accrued for 7 years.

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He, however, felt that it was bad for someone he called a friend to treat him so ruthlessly. According to Kibe, having a loan is not a big issue since even big countries have them. He, however, advised people to practice leniency before taking matters to court. Kibe is now a free man.

Andrew Kibe Kamene Goro

Andrew Kibe has been acquaintances with Kamene Goro for the longest time ever. They have been work buddies from NRG Radio and now at Kiss 100. However, about 4 months ago, there were rumors circulating social media stating that Kamene Goro warms the bile-mouthed presenter’s bed. Kibe responded to the allegations stating that people should keep off businesses that do not concern them.

Andrew Kibe Wife

Kibe disclosed that he is married, but only on paper. According to him, he has been single for the past 4 years. 5 months ago, there was a picture of him holding Oliver Mathenge’s wife’s private parts in public. Mathenge’s wife is the gorgeous Njeri Wamarite.

Andrew Kibe Son

Kibe has a 12-year old son with his first wife. The lady, however, got mad at himand left after Kibe refused to marry her. 7 years later, Kibe is yet to meet his son again. He has since remarried and said that given a chance, he could throw the ex-wife under the bus.

Andrew Kibe Pastor

What most people do not know is that Kibe was once a pastor. There was a picture making rounds, showing him praying and serving the Lord in the pulpit. He says that he wanted to be the greatest pastor that ever lived but he was too outspoken. After his working trip to India, he decides to be ‘real’, something that led him to quit being a pastor.

He returned to Kenya and in 2016, he started a Facebook video column on Facebook where he ejected his sentiments, mostly on women, sex and alcohol. He has since grown his fandom to the big number that follows him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Andrew Kibe Kitchen

A few months ago, social media users were on Kibe’s case after a video of her dirty kitchen surfaced on social media. This came in after he was doing a video in his kitchen that had filth that was so unpleasant to see. It had rotten avocados, dirty utensils, cigarettes and dirty walls that was such an eye sore.

People could not stomach how online, he talked trash about women yet he clearly needed a woman in his life. More so, when comparing his kitchen with Kamene Goro’s,  Kamene’s was so tidy and organized. People kept wondering how he even gets to woo any woman, judging from how his kitchen could easily make one throw up.

The next day, he posted a video in his car, addressing the issue, telling people to focus on what he has to say and not how his kitchen looks like. However, netizens could not stop bashing the dirty man.

Andrew Kibe Sister’s Death

Surprisingly, when Kibe’s sister passed on in 2012, Kibe never shed a single tear. He was in bad terms with the sister prior to her passing on, something that made him be emotionless during the rather difficult time. According to him, people should be allowed to mourn and process loss differently since there is no one way of grieving and moving on.

Andrew Kibe Net worth and Salary

The Kiss 100 presenter earns a good amount of money in his career. His current net worth is not yet known. We will update you with that once we get access to the information.

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