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Baha of Machachari and wife Georgina Njenga under duress from KOT

Georgina, Baha
IG; Georgina Njenga

Actor Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha from his role in the famous TV series Machachari and his wife Georgina Njenga were today trending after leaked videos  blazed the internet. The infamous video clearly shows a nude Georgina, dancing and twerking.

Kenyans on Twitter were quick to react and in a matter of minutes got Baha trending with countless comments thrown towards the couple who have always bombarded them with lovey-dovey content on social media.

Earlier, screenshots between a blogger and Georgina got shared where she admitted that the video is indeed of her younger self at 17 in Kenyatta University. Baha’s wife blatantly blamed her ex-boyfriend for her woes claiming that he is only jealous and he wants to destroy the ‘good thing’ between her and Baha.

The blogger went ahead to confront the said ex-boyfriend with proof of the allegations against him from Georgina Njenga. The young man,who sources reveal as Dan and runs a number of pseudo accounts, refuted the claims and stirred the pot even further.

Netizens were in a pandemonium of shock when he stated that Georgina as a campus student had resorted to monetary transactions in exchange for nude photos and videos to make ends meet. Hence claimed innocence and associated the leak with one of Georgina’s old clients.

As the video did more rounds, Georgina Njenga retracted her own confession and denied that the girl in the video was not her. However , self-appointed VAR experts ,in an unwarranted competition, brought out their tools of work and whole evidences figuratively equivalent to Azimio’s lorry, showing the tattoos on the lady matched on to Georgina’s tattoos.

Fans of the misogynistic content creator Andrew Kibe further fueled the raging fires by unearthing a video of him criticizing the couple for exposing Georgina’s baby bum on the internet. The renowned clout chaser in this video had harsh remarks amongst them a foreboding of the couples disgraceful breakup.

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Heavy backlash awaited Baha when he took to social media to proclaim his undying love for Georgina despite the leak. Baha ferociously defended his baby mom saying she should not be judged by her past and neither does he.

As a firm believer of the “people do change” philosophy , this author holds an opinion not to be quick to throw Baha and his wife Georgina under the bus. After all we are only here because theirs leaked not because we are saints in leau of their sins.

What a great showcase of bravado from Tyler Mbaya, alias, Baha, for standing with his wife through all this and proving what the great apostle Paul wrote on love.

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