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Better Certificate Courses than Most Diplomas and Degrees

Certificate Courses that are Better than Most Diplomas and Degrees
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Some certificate courses are better than Diplomas and Degrees Courses. We live in a world where most people blindly believe that the bigger the title on your course; the more marketable it is.

This is usually not always the course. There are people who even give up tertiary education just because they feel that they cannot quality for diploma and degree courses.

This should not be the case because there are some certificate courses that are even better than diploma and degree courses. Below is a list of best certificate courses that are better than diploma courses;

1. Sales and Marketing

In this era, a certificate in sales and marketing can take you places that most degrees cannot. With this, one can be able to work with a number of brands in pushing their sales. Such activities pay very well. One can also be made a Sales and Marketing manager of a company.

2. Web Design

With a certificate in web design, one can be able to create and manage websites for a wide variety of brands. In case anyone encounters a problem while surfing the web, they too come in handy, at a fee of course. This is very marketable.

3. Business Administration

A certificate course in Business administration takes about two years or less to complete. With this, one can work in a wide range of companies. Every company these days pretty much needs a business administrator.

4. Mechanical Engineering

A certificate course in mechanical engineering takes about 2 years to study. This means one can start working just after 2 years of study whereas his or her counterparts who are doing a similar course but in degree will have 3 more years of school before they can start working.

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The good thing about this is that you can always go back to school while on the job, hence ensuring that you do not tarmac.

5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This is one very marketable certificate course. With this, one can be in charge of a firm’s electrical needs and get paid for such.

6. Counseling Psychology

We live in a world where mental illnesses are on the rise. Many people are struggling mentally but cannot seem to get the right places to get helped. With this course, one can be a psychologist who helps counsel people on both mental and social problems.

7. Accounting and Finance

This is one very marketable certificate course. You just have to ensure that you top it up with a professional course such as CPA and ACCA. With that, one can work in a bank as a banker or a cashier or even in other companies as an accountant or an auditor.

8. Information Technology

In this age, this is one of the most marketable certificate courses. With Information Technology, one can be employed in a firm to be in charge of its information system. The pay is also pretty good.

9. Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

One can study a certificate in this at beauty colleges such as Vera Beauty College and NIBS college. After completion, one can be able to work with huge brands such as Lancome or even Maybelline as a Make-up artist or hair stylist for personalities. The pay is usually so good.

10. Nutrition and Dietetics

These days, many people are watching their weight, counting their calories and even going to the gym. A nutritionist works closely with such people to help them what foods they should (or not) consume so as to meet their weight and general health goals. They also help provide the right amount and the exact amount of calorie intake. The pay is really good.

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