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Cities with cheap Housing, Meals and Accommodation in Tanzania

Best Cities with cheap Housing, Meals and Accommodation in Tanzania

Tanzania is among the peaceful countries in East Africa to live in. The country has 31 larger cities with Dar es Salaam being the largest city and Dodoma being her capital city. Other cities are rapidly coming up in terms of infrastructural development and other economic sectors.

The most amazing part of Tanzania is the cost of living. Among these cities of Tanzania, some are cheap to live in while others are expensive in terms of housing, accommodation and food.

One of the key aspects that many people would consider while looking for accommodation is proper, quality and affordable housing.

In this article, we shall shade light on cities where you can get cheap and affordable housing absolutely on a nonstrenuous budget in Tanzania.

Here are the Cities with cheap Housing in Tanzania:


This is a coastal city and has the second largest port in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam. Tanga used to be Germans, administrative center back in the history. Its therefore a historical town with beautiful coastline.

Life in Tanga is cheap compared to Dares Salaam. Renting a house in Tanga may it be temporarily or monthly will see you save tons of bucks.

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A good house for a normal middle-class citizen per night will cost you close to Tshs. 12,000 per night. Premium accommodation hotels are also available for VIP’s; its up to your pocket. Meals are also cheaper as Tanga is an agricultural town.


Mbeya town is located at the southwest part of Tanzania. With beautiful sceneries, the town is mushrooming to be a tourist attraction destination. River Kiwira has interesting myths and stories behind it.

These stories can only be told by the residents. They are accommodative, interactive and social. If you are looking for a town in Tanzania with affordable accommodation and meals, then Mbeya should be your first priority.


Back in history, Dodoma has been known to be a historical town. It was upgraded to be the capital city of Tanzania due to its strategic, centrally mapped location. It’s the fastest growing town in the country.

If you are an investor, this is a place to venture. Housing in Dodoma is no longer an issue, for those willing to rent because of one reason or the other, you can find a room for as low as Tshs. 13,000 per day.


Moshi is another town for a stay in Tanzania. It has a population of about 200,000 persons. With distant beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro view, the residents are welcoming, friendly and is a good place to stay on a little budget.

Many tourists who want to experience the beauty of Tanzania’s worlds best Kilimanjaro mountain prefer having their stay at Moshi town.


Is another town which is really coming up in Tanzania though it’s not popular. The town is located in the northwest part of Tanzania near the border. It is 3 Hours’ drive from Isibania border.

Because not more production activities happen in the town, it is less populated and there is a little competition on resources. Cost of living in this town is lower compared to other well-known cities of Tanzania.

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