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Best Video Directors in Kenya and their major Projects

Best Video Directors in Kenya and their major Projects
Kenyan Video Director Enos Olik. IMAGE: Instagram

Music videos are usually a factor to be considered when judging how good a song is. Various Kenyan songs have earned millions of views on YouTube. Kenya has video directors that produce videos that rank among the best in Africa. Below is a list of the best video directors in Kenya;

1. Omoke

The ‘Kishash’ videographer is one of the biggest threats in the industry right now. His talent is seen in all his videos through his ability to play with colors and angles to bring art to life. He has also worked with other artists including Kaligraph Jones in shooting ‘Luku’ featuring The Industry and Kahush in shooting ‘Sana Up’.


FRNCK is the brains and muscle behind most of Chris Kaiga’s music videos. He has worked on songs like Niko on, Zimenice and Chain chain. Furthermore, he is the video director of Chris’s hit song ‘Mastingo’ featuring Kahush.

3. Enos Olik

Enos Olik is the music director behind most of Sauti Sol’s songs including Nishike, Sura yako, Still the one, and Nerea. He has also worked with other artists like Jaguar, Elani, Octopizzo, Ali Kiba, Eddy Kenzo, P-Unit, and Nameless.

4. Roadman

Rodney Wachira is famous for producing some of Sol Generation’s famous hits. He has worked on different videos and has been able to express his love for art in creative unique ways. Some of the videos he has worked on include Nviiri’s Birthday song and ‘Niko Sawa’ by Nviiri and Bien.

5. Young Wallace

Young Wallace has been in the industry for a long time. He has directed songs like ‘Tam tam’ by Willy Paul and Size 8, ‘Barua’ and ‘Stori yangu’ by Bahati, ‘Take it slow’ by Willy Paul and Sauti Sol, and ‘Dawa ya Moto’ by Grandpa Government among others.

Other talented video directors in Kenya today include CJ Pixels, Nezzoh Montana, Tony De Giz, Sammy Dee, Chebeni, Richie G, X Antonia, and Thomas Mboss.

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