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Casey Neistat Net Worth 2021 Biography, Age, Career, Education, Wife

Casey Neistat Biography, Age, Career, Education, Wife, Net Worth

Casey Neistat is an American brilliant entrepreneur, content creator on YouTube and has committed himself to writing a great life story in his daily vlogs. In this article we look into the nitty gritties of his experience thus far.

Casey Neistat Age and Place of Birth

Mr. Neistat celebrates his birthday on the 25th of March. He was born in 1981 to a family of Jewish origin.

Casey Neistat Education Background

The entrepreneur in his younger years was enrolled in local schools and went on well and in high school he decided to quit and as a teenager became a father to his newborn son Owen, sired by his then girlfriend Harris Robin.

Casey Neistat Career Journey

Shortly afterwards, he resolved to take up whichever works came along that would help pay his bills and put a meal on the table such as being a cook and dish-washing. Slowly by slowly, he began making moves in developing theater and film-making skills. He created videos that would later boost his financial ability.

The film making venture proved successful having produced iPod’s Dirty Secret which pushed him onto the public stage, Science Experiments and The Neistat Brothers (purchased by Home Box Office 12 years ago).

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He then set up a YouTube channel shooting VLOGS on a daily basis in 2015 which he later improved to brief films and at the start of 2017 was using the platform to address issues in NYC.

Casey has been sought after to direct and produce top notch TV commercials for huge organizations including Google and Nike. He was the man being the ‘Make It Count’ Nike advertisement.

He has also developed an app called Beme which allows for video sharing. It was positively received among the population and got positive criticism leading to a CNN acquisition.

In 2018, Casey Neistat co-founded 368 which offered an opportunity for creatives to come together, cooperate and produce together.

In 2018 also, he together with his spouse Pool Candice launched a podcast titled Couples Therapy where they discuss marital aspects, life and friendships.

Casey Neistat Key Achievements

His YouTube channel which now garners 2.77 billion views as at February 2020 won the creator awards in 2018 for having 10,000,000 subscribers.

In 2016, he was named GQ’s New Media Star Man of the Year.

Over his career so far, he has been nominated 12 times and won 7 times. As an apt speaker, Mr. Neistat has given a TEDx talk.

Casey Neistat Wife, Children and Romantic Life

He first dated Robin Harris during his teenage years and ended up siring him a son.

Casey Neistat Biography, Age, Career, Education, Wife, Net Worth

He later on went to date Ms. Candice Pool and after several hills and valleys got married and got 2 kids together.

Casey Neistat Net worth 2021

His Net worth is estimated to be over $19 Million. He gets his incomes from YouTube Adsense revenue and endorsements on brand deals. He currently has over 12 Million subscribers on YouTube and over 3 Million Instagram following.

Casey Neistat Productions

He has produced several films including The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Daddy Long Legs and Project Power.

Real Name Casey Neistat
Age 40-year-old (2021)
Nationality American
Education Level Unknown
Place of Birth USA
Year of Birth 1981
Religion Christian
Spouse/Girlfriend Ms. Candice Pool
Children 2 Children
Career/Profession Film maker/Youtuber
Net Worth $19 million


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