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Citizen TV Ringo TV Series, Episodes, Full Cast and Their Real Names

Citizen TV Ringo TV Series, Episodes, Full Cast and Their Real Names
Some of Ringo Telenovella Cast Image Source: Lasestrellas.tv

Ringo is a telenovela of Mexican origin that is set to be aired on the Kenyan Citizen Television from Monday, the 16th of March, 2020. The telenovela was initially acted in Spanish and it is ‘La Pelea De Su Vida’ in Spanish.

Ringo was produced by Lucero Suarez, directed by Claudia Aguilar and Jorge Robles. Ringo currently stands at 1 season with 82 episodes. It comes in the place of the soap opera known as ‘Love to death’ at 8:00pm to 9:00pm on every weekday.

Ringo Telenovela Synopsis

The series encompasses the issues that Ringo, a retired boxer, faces as he goes about life.All is well until he retires from boxing when he lost the national boxing competition after he received the sad news of his brother’s death. Soon after, his ex-wife starts having an affair with his main rival at the boxing ring.

For a while, Ringo had to single-handedly take care of their son Santi amid economic problems and marital issues. Time goes back and one day, Gloria, Ringo’s ex-wife, comes back to claim custody for their son Santi.

Ringo and his ex-wife now have a task to fight for parental custody for their son. This prompts Ringo to reconsider boxing so as to not lose a battle that he knows he should win; He knows that he has to be financially stable to win this battle.

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Citizen Tv’s Ringo Full Cast and Their Real Names

In this article, we are going to narrow down to each and every actor that plays a role in Ringo telenovela. We are also going to give their stage name alongside their real names as stated below;

Ringo aka Juan Jose Ramirez Lead actor Jose Ron
Ariel ‘El Turco’ Nasif Lead actor Alfredo Gatica
Gloria Major actress Gabriela Carrillo
Julia Garay Major actress Mariana Torres
Oscar ‘Oso’ Villar Minor actor Cesar Evora
Diego Jauregui Minor actor Jorge Poza
Rosa Minor actress Luz Ramos
Ivan Minor actor Otto Sirgo
Teresa Minor actress Silvia Mariscal
Damasio Minor actress Pierre Angelo
Manuel Minor actor Oscar Bonfiglio
Alejo Correa Minor actor Arturo Carmona
Pepe Minor actor Jose Manuel Lechuga
Carrizo Minor actor Francisco Pizana
Maximo Minor actor Santiago Gonzalez
Rafael Minor actress Jose Manuel Rincon
Eva Minor actress Edsa Ramirez
Brenda Minor actress Luz Edith Rojas
La Zorra Gutierrez Minor actress Marlene Kalb
Antunes Minor actor Aldalberto Parra
Maria Minor actress Mercedes Vaughan
Guevara Minor actor Alberto Estrella
Elsa Minor actress Claudia Boyan
Sandra Minor actress Isadora Gonzalez
Javier ‘Gavilan Machaca’ Minor actor Pierre Louis
Santiago Minor actor Patricio de la Garza
Guachin Minor actor Paco Luna

Ringo Telenovela all Episodes

The Ringo soapie contains 82 episodes. These episodes are summarized in the table alongside with their respective descriptions as can be seen below:



1 It is a difficult time for Ringo. Having lost his boxing battle to El Turco two years prior, he is financially unstable and risks losing his son’s custody to his ex-wife Gloria.

During this time, he gets to meet Julia. There engulfs a boxing battle between El Turco and El Gavilan which ends with EL Turco being hospitalized.

2 Julia starts to develop feelings for Ringo.  Gloria on the other hand wants Santi to be given to her by Ringo but he declines, allowing her to see him at home under strict conditions.

El Turco gets better and comes back to train even though El Oso is strongly against it. Julie ends up losing her office due to lack of funds.

3 Diego breaks up with Julia because of Ringo. Brenda gets jealous of Ringo and warns Julia about their relationship or friendship. Santi is taken by Gloria without Ringo’s permission.
4 Ringo and Julia get cozy with each other but they are interrupted from kissing. Ringo accepts the fight against El Turco against El Oso’s will.
5 This becomes Ringo’s first fight after retirement
6 After Santi’s disappearance, the judge orders for shared custody. However, Santi does not like his mother and hates being near her hence requests his dad to fight for him.
7 Brenda is totally Jealous of Julia hence ends up threatening her. Rosa ends up fainting in the boxing ring.
8 Ringo rescues Julia and Rosa are injured.
9 El Oso finds out that Rafael is his biological son.
10 Julia is taught by Ringo how to box while Diego gets jealous of it.
11 Gloria forcefully kisses Ringo and Julia witnesses. Rosa is threatened by an anonymous person.
12 Santi’s custody trial is getting tighter. Julia gets drunk and confesses her feelings to Ringo.
13 Julia cancels her wedding with Diego.
14 Gloria, Diego and El Turco draft a plan to destroy Ringo. Ringo ends up arrested.
15 Gloria wins custody over Santi who is reluctant of it.
16 Ringo’s fight against El Turco is suspended. Julia tells Ringo of her plan to carry on her wedding with Diego.
17 Ringo tells Julia that he will fight for her love.
18 Ringo finds out that his downfall was planned by the trio.
19 Julia agrees to be Diego’s wife even though Ringo tried to stop it.
20 Ringo is in for a war against the trio.
21 Gloria ends up confessing to Ringo that he drugged him.
22 Diego is tired of Ringo and Julia’s friendship and wants him to stay away from him.
23 Ringo fights against El Turco.
24 El Turco is declared the winner and this hurts Ringo.
25 The crowd supports Ringo. Rosa confesses her love for El Oso.
26 Alejo is scheduled to fight in clandestine fights.
27 Rosa’s husband leaves prison and wants to find her.
28 Brenda records Julia dancing with Ringo and threatens to send it to Diego.
29 Diego wants Brenda to pay for the fire in his house.
30 Diego plots to seek revenge to Ringo.
31 Diego tells Julia that it was Brenda who burned the house.
32 Brenda confesses to Julia.
33 Julia asks Ringo to take El Turco’s place in the production.
34 Diego poisons Ivan.
35 Julia wants to save her marriage so she asks Ringo to go work at the factory so she won’t get to see him.
36 Ringo confesses his love for Julia but says that she is playing with his feelings.
37 Ringo informs Julia that she did wrong to leave her.
38 Eva and Maximo kiss at a dinner party.
39 Rafael ends up confronting Alejo for sleeping with La Zorra.
40 Julia finds out that Diego is cheating on her.
41 Ivan tells Ringo to open his own security agency.
42 El Delta is closed.
43 Alejo is Kidnapped.
44 Julia asks for a divorce from Diego.
45 Gloria separates Santi from Ringo by tricking him to travel to the States.
46 Ringo defeats El Turco in the boxing ring.
47 Ringo tells Gloria to return Santi. Ringo is mistakenly arrested.
48 Ringo finds out the whereabouts of Santi and plots to go get him.
49 Diego burns Julia’s passport so she won’t travel with Ringo.
50 Ringo goes to the states and is warmly received. He finds out where Santi is.
51 Ringo finds Santi and together they flee.
52 Gloria ends up abandoning El Turco and she returns to Mexico.
53 Diego urges Brenda to kill Ringo.
54 Ringo and Alejo end their friendship. Gloria asks Ringo for forgiveness.
55 Gloria confesses her love for Ringo and wants them to reunite as a family again.
56 Gloria tells El Turco that their relationship was over when she left.
57 Ringo and Julia spend the night together and they make out.
58 El Turco finds out that Gloria lives in Ringo’s house and that she wants to rip off all his wealth.
59 Diego kills Ivan by shooting him.
60 Ringo is suspected to be behind Ivan’s death.
61 Julia does not want Ivan to be arrested so she covers up for him.
62 Diego plots to make Ringo the guilty one of Ivan’s death.
63 Julia fires Ringo.
64 Rosa finds a boy who disappears shortly after.
65 Santi disappears and Ringo blames Diego for it.
66 Julia doubts Ringo.
67 Julia wants to end her relationship with Ringo.
68 Ringo receives an offer to be an image of a sports brand and to compete internationally.
69 El Turco sleeps Gloria with chloroform.
70 Rosa is surgically operated after being run over again.
71 Rosa losses memory after the operation.
72 Gloria is bothered every time Julia and Ringo are close and demands her to stay away from him.
73 Julia apologizes to Ringo.
74 Ringo and Julia give in to passion.
75 Santi wants her parents reunited.
76 Rosa is told that she will not be able to box again.
77 Ringo wants Julia to be his wife.
78 Guevara sends Guachin to prison.
79 People mourn the death of Manuel. Guevara regrets sending Guachin to prison.
80 Gloria ends up receiving a proposal to transport drugs hidden in dolls.
81 Julia gets access to a video that proves that Diego killed her father.
82 Diego murders Bruno. He is arrested, ends his days in prison and meets his old friends. Ringo is reunited with Julia and Santi. He is crowned world champion.


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