Maria on Citizen TV Cast, Characters and Their Real Names
A section of Maria's Cast. From Left; Luwi, Victor, Viktoria, Boss William and Vanessa. IMAGE: Twitter

Maria is a Citizen TV’s just unveiled new Drama series which has been loved and is being followed by many people, not only from Kenya but also the rest of East Africa. It airs on Citizen TV from 1930hrs to 2000hrs every weekday (Monday to Friday).

If you happen to miss any episode, no worries; you can catch up with the repeats of every single episode aired throughout the week on Saturdays from 1400hrs.

Citizen TV’s Maria Drama Series Summary Synopsis

The drama is about the love drama of a last-born son of a rich family- Luwi. Luwi falls in love with an adopted ghetto girl acting as Maria and ignores his legally wedded wife, Sofia. Maria is a total orphan from the streets. Her real name is Yasmin Said.

Checkout our previous article about Marias’s biography, age and any other relevant information that you would like to know about Maria outside acting life.

The drama has a good number of actors who really knows theirs acting roles and plays them extra well. The lead actors and actresses are Maria, Luwi and Sophia by their stage names.

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As the drama takes roots and gains popularity in Kenya and the rest of East Africa, you may be wondering about their real names. In film industry, most actors prefer to give themselves stage names by which they will be identified in their respective skits.

Maria Drama Full Cast and their Real Names

In this article, we are going to narrow down to each and every actor who plays a role in the Maria Drama and give their stage names alongside their real names. Here we go:

Stage NameActing RoleReal Name
MariaLead ActressYasmin Said
Boss WilliamMajor ActorDennis Musyoka
SofiaLead ActressBridget Shighadi
Vickie/Madam VictoriaMajor ActorSheila Ndanu
LuwiLead ActorBrian Ogana
VanessaMinor ActressWanjiku Stephens
VictorMinor ActorRhonald Ndubi
BondiMinor ActorChinedu Kibochi
JaydenMinor ActorAbdalla Ali
TrevorMinor ActorRobert Budi
NaomiMinor ActressTerry Ombaka
LonaMinor ActressTina Njabi
BrendaMinor ActressMaureen Wangare
DelilaMinor ActressEdna Nguka
Father EzekielMinor ActorMusa Ore
Mother TeresaMinor ActressGrace Obuya
SilasMinor ActorNyakundi Isaboke
BenMinor ActorTimothy Musyoka
RufinaMinor ActressSussy Malaki
KorosMinor ActorEdwin Buni
MarianneMinor ActressBotul Abdalla
KaniniMinor ActressAlice Mari
FaliMinor ActorTeddy Brian
ColloMinor ActorJoseph Kiplabatt
TeknoMinor ActorAnthony Ashioya
PupaMinor ActorUmar Hussein
GloriaMinor ActressAsha Hussein
DogoMinor ActressJane Mulanda
Mama ChapoMinor ActressSarah Mataki
KobiMinor ActressLinda Mukamiwa
ThomasMinor ActorQuincy Ando