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Daily Nation Online Subscription Packages, Charges, and How to Pay

Daily Nation Online Subscription Packages, Charges, and How to Pay

The Daily Nation newspaper was started in 1958 in a Swahili version and has over the years evolved into one of the top three Kenyans adore and consistently read. The newspaper grew in popularity due to its richness in material and offering readers captivating, intriguing and memorable segments every day.

With more life going digital, the daily nation developed an online version of the very much loved newspaper and is available to Kenyans and readers around the world.

The first step is to download the Daily Nation e-paper application on your device of choice before selecting subscription and subsequent payments. The online service offers clients subscription options that best suit them. These are the daily subscriptions, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual subscriptions.

Subscription Packages and Charges:

There are four publications to which clients can subscribe to under varying topics, preferences and charges. These are the The Daily Nation, Business Daily and Taifa Leo publications.

Daily Subscription

Daily subscription costs Ksh 100 valid for three days, Ksh 33 and Ksh 20 respectively.

Weekly Subscription

Weekly subscription costs Ksh 230, Ksh 160, Ksh 39, and Ksh 120 respectively renewable every week.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription cost Ksh 980, Ksh 670, Ksh 149 and Ksh 460 respectively renewable every month.

Quarterly Subscription

Quarterly subscription cost Ksh 2,870, Ksh 1,970, Ksh 429 and Ksh 1,200 respectively renewable every quarter (every three months).

Half yearly Subscription

Half yearly subscription cost Ksh 5,600, Ksh 3,790, Ksh 799 and Ksh 2,200 respectively renewable half year (every 6 months).

Annual Subscription

Annual subscription cost Ksh 10,949, Ksh 7,400, Ksh 1,499 and Ksh 3,700 respectively renewable every year (12 months).

How to Make Payments

To pay for selected subscriptions, daily nation newspaper clients can use the 3G Direct Pay payment services which allows payments from a variety of payment modes. These include M-pesa, Airtel Money, MasterCard debit or credit cards or Visa debit or credit cards.

Upon successful payment for the selected subscriptions, the client receives confirmation emails from 3G Direct Pay and from e paper at Nation Media welcoming them to enjoy the service.

After payment is made, the client can access unlimited coverage from the daily nation enjoying segments

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