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Best Digital Educational Tools for Interactive Teaching Online

Digital Educational Tools for Interactive Teaching Online
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We are living in a world of technology, and it is everywhere these days in different forms. Students of the tech world use technology in every aspect of their lives, and this is why digital tools for students and teachers are becoming more and more popular over time.

Traditional teaching methods are already changing, and the students & teachers of the 21st century are adopting them because they want to move with new technology. Digital educational tools are enhancing the professional practices of the teachers.

In the modern era of digital learning, technology plays a vital role in educating the people in their homes. There are so many applications & digital tools that can be used for online learning. Both teachers and students can take advantage of them. The plagiarism detector online tool most students and teachers use to check plagiarism for the submission by students.

Here, we bring you the best digital educational tools for teaching.

5 Best Educational Digital Tools:

Here are the top picks for digital educational tools recommended for teachers.

1. Visme:

Visme is an online digital tool that everyone can use, and everyone can create presentations, concept maps, schedules, reports, infographics, and more. Visme is packed with many features such as free graphics & images, customization, and drag & drop features.  both designers and non-designers can use these features to create quality content. Many features are specially designed for teachers and students.

Teachers always create content for the students to study, from their slide presentations to the exam worksheets. Because of the education license, students and teachers use this tool for a creative and interactive study experience. However, always keep in mind to check plagiarism of the content before submitting your assignments.

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2. PlagiarismChecker.co:

This Plagiarism detector is a web-based online tool for both teachers and students. This duplication checker is a free tool that helps you check plagiarism of your content that a student shares with the teacher. Anyone can use this online plagiarism checker to track the duplication of their research papers, assignments, blogs, and websites.

You just need to copy the document’s text and paste it into the designated section of this plagiarism tool. After clicking “check plagiarism,” it generates a detailed result against the pasted content. In this way, a teacher can check whether the student’s content is original or copied.

3. Google Classroom:

The Google Classroom is considered the best tool available in the market for teachers. The LMS (Learning Management System) of this tool is a part of the “G suit,” which means that teachers can use the Google applications to create presentations, lessons, quizzes, and documents. You will need a G suit for the education account to use the Classroom app. Most schools and teachers move to online platforms like LMS when schools are closed due to the pandemic.

Teachers & students can use Google classroom to create content for the lesson, assessments, research papers, and tests. But before sharing it with the students, check plagiarism to create unique content. Teachers can also communicate with their students through message boards or emails.

4. EduClipper:

EduClipper offers the teachers & students to share and explore the educational material. It allows you to get all the information found on various online platforms and then share the content with other group members. The online tool comes with the possibility to manage the educational material more effectively, which is found online.

You can also improve your searching techniques with this excellent tool and help create a digital record of what students have achieved during the course. Make a check for plagiarism with any online plagiarism tool before sharing the educational material, and checking the plagiarism is helpful for both students and teachers.

5. Schoology:

It is an online digital learning management system and you can use this digital tool without paying any subscription fee. This system allows the teachers to create and share the material related to the student’s learning, give assessments, track the student’s progress, etc. When sharing educational content with the students, it is helpful to check plagiarism with an online plagiarism detector tool to avoid the consequences of plagiarism.

Schoology has the same features as Google Classroom, and it also has some additional features that can help the teachers during the online classes. Teachers can conveniently organize the content, multimedia assignment description, record of video & audio with this great platform. They can also create a grade book, customize the completing rules, and so many other things.

Parting Short

Technology is like a friend of education, and there is no good reason to fight this trend. You can create a good study atmosphere by incorporating digital tools in online classes. The reason behind the success of digital tools is their ease of access. Most of the teachers & students use these online educational tools because they can easily communicate and share the study material. However, it’s helpful to remember that there are chances to create plagiarized content when gathering information from online sources for educational assignments. So, use the plagiarism detector to check plagiarism.

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