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Ezoic Login, Sign Up Requirements, How it Works and Payment Methods

Ezoic Login, Sign Up Requirements and Payment Methods

Ezoic means ‘electronic age’. It is a website improvement platform that tests and improves all pages on a site in a bid to better user experience and improve earnings from advertisements. The company has branches in the States and the United Kingdom.

Ezoic Requirements

Payments from various ad networks are usually made between 30 and 45 days paid in arrears. To receive payment in the last week of a month, a website has to meet several requirements. These are discussed below:

  1. A site must earn a minimum of $20 in the previous period. For instance, December’s earnings will be received at the end of January the next year.
  2. The site owner should fill in their required tax information
  3. One must select their preferred payment method
  4. Ezoic no longer imposes pageview limits for publishers to sign up.
  5. Sites should not have invalid impressions or clicks
  6. They should not redirect users to undesirable pop-ups or pages
  7. There should be no counterfeit goods or copyrighted downloads offered on the sites
  8. The sites should have reliable traffic sources
  9. Publishers should not create empty pages that do not have original content
  10. Publishers should not stuff keywords
  11. Publishers should not use threatening content, adult content, gambling content, illegal content, or derogatory content.

Ezoic Payment Methods

For one to receive their website earnings, they select any of the following supported payments:

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  • Cheque
  • PayPal – payments made via PayPal are sent in US dollars subjected up to 4% to convert to one’s selected currency
  • Direct deposit – this option is only open to American residents as payments are made to a US bank
  • International Wire Transfer via Payoneer – for this option, users have to consider their currency as the conversion rates vary.
  • For Canadians, UK residents, Pakistan residents, and China residents, the conversion fee is 0.15% while for Indian residents and other currencies, the fee is 0.5% and 2% respectively.

In case a client needs to switch from one payment method to another, they must process the change by the 15th of each month in order for the change to be reflected in that period’s payout. There are avenues such as the Payoneer support tickets available should a publisher face a challenge in any of their payment processes.

Clients are advised that in case they are not located in the US, they should not go with check options as they are mailed and can take several days to arrive. Additionally, Ezoic cannot track its delivery via postal services, and the chances of misplacement are very high.

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