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How to Apply for a Zenka App Loan, Loan Terms, Repayment Period


Mobile loan applications have gained unparalleled popularity among Kenyans across the counties. There are several apps offering mobile loans including Tala, Okash, Berry, Timiza, Branch, M-shwari, and more. Banks like KCB have also caught on and now offer clients loans via mobile. Zenka has gained popularity due to marketing efforts and the introduction of zero-interest loans which have proven useful for many people amidst challenging financial times.

How to Apply for a Zenka App Loan

All adult citizens in Kenya are eligible for the Zenka loan processing. First, you need a smartphone with internet access. If working with an Android operating system, get the app from Google Play Store and if working from an iOS, download Zenka from the Apple Play Store. Once downloaded, proceed for registration which will initiate the credit evaluation process. Fill in the application information comprising mobile phone number, email address, names, identification number, and other required information. The process is fairly simple and has few formalities. Input the amount of money you wish to borrow and will be able to repay.

Zenka App Loan Terms

Loan approval is based on AI and ML evaluation which will determine the loan size one can be awarded ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000. The loans are sent directly to the M-Pesa number account shared during the application procedure. To process a loan, Zenka charges between Ksh 45 and Ksh 5,800 for a one-time charge. For instance, if you borrow Ksh 1,000, the app charges a Ksh 290 fee requiring the customer to repay Ksh 1,290.

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Zenka App Loan Repayment Period and Terms

Zenka loans have a 61-day repayment period during which clients should have cleared their full loan amounts. These loans have a 9-39% processing fee. Clients can however extend their repaying period by up to one year (12 months) with the Flexi option by Zenka. Since mobile loans do not require collateral or security in any form of their clients, the rates cover for the high risk inherent in the process. 

To repay your loan, go to the app, log in, and in the menu tab select repay loan. Input the amount you wish to repay and key in your M-Pesa pin in the resulting pop-up. Early and on-time payments improve one’s credit score and can therefore access bigger loans in the future.

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