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How to Use Pochi la Biashara from Safaricom, Benefits of Use

How to use pochi la biashara by Safaricom

Safaricom is a giant telecommunication firm that consistently evolves and develops products for its clients in ensuring that they solve problems that they may encounter. Small enterprise owners or entrepreneurs that do not have a curated pay bill account nor till account are often cast with the care of handling their business money when customers pay for services via M-Pesa. 

As the world continues to fight the Covid-19 virus, handling of physical cash in notes and coins is highly discouraged to contain the virus spread. Additionally, many Kenyans had to go into small businesses to substitute for the income they lost due to the virus as jobs were lost and some had to take large pay cuts. Some of these businesses include food vending, taxi businesses, second-hand cloth retailing in thrift stores, online work among others. Receiving payments for these necessitated money to be sent to their M-Pesa registered lines.

What happens when one needs to track periodical work performance yet their work and personal finances are deposited and mixed in one account? This is the problem Safaricom sought to solve for their clients by developing a product called Pochi la Biashara. 

Pochi la Biashara Features

  • Ease of signing up and use
  • Payments for goods and services can be made directly to the business owner’s account
  • Distinguished work and personal financial accounts on M-Pesa
  • Opportunity to earn a 5% commission from selling airtime
  • Easily accessible statements and user support
  • Security of both parties’ information 
  • Unchanged M-Pesa rates
  • Pin-authenticated transactions 

How to Use Pochi la Biashara

Customers who wish to enjoy this service can do so by dialing *3343. They then navigate to option 8 selecting Pochi la Biashara. Proceed to select the join option and after reading the terms and conditions, proceed to accept. 

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For customers who wish to pay for services rendered, they will log in to their M-Pesa menus or the M-Pesa app and go to Lipa Na M-Pesa. They then select Pochi la Biashara, enter the enterprise owner’s registered phone number, and proceed with the pin input. 


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