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Jentrix Shikangwa Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Jentrix Shikangwa Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Since time immemorial, the football arena has been one that is heavily dominated by men. It has been uncommon for girls and women to play this sport. However, in this century, women have been breaking barriers send demystifying stereotypes. In Kenya to be specific, a team of girls from the western county bod Vihiga have chosen to make it their affair to not only play but also exceptionally win at the international level. In this article, we will talk about one such footballer, who sent her team winning through her special skills. Her name is Jentrix Shikangwa.

Jentrix Shikangwa Age and Place of Birth

Jentrix Shikangwa Milimu was born in November of 2001 in the western city of Kakamega in Kenya. She is currently 19 years old.

Jentrix Shikangwa Early Life, Education, and Career

Jentrix Shikangwa is part of the Vihiga Queens all-girls football team that has gone ahead and made Kenya proud. Being a junior footballer because she is still a minor has been a great highlight in the girl’s life. The young star got her education in the rural areas of Kenya before transitioning into high school where she continued to perfect her football career. She has maintained a very great streak as she plays the forward in the football team. Jentrix recently finished her secondary school education and this will definitely pave way for the great career that she has before her.

At this time, Jentrix is at the peak of her career as she just ushered her team to victory by winning the Central African Football games against the other junior Ethiopian team. It was a win for the whole team as the game was not an easy one to play. However, the Kenyan team emerged winners and won money. Shikangwa herself won a prize of Kshs50000 for her good game.

Jentrix Shikangwa Personal Life

Jentrix Shikangwa is still a youngster so there is not much to be said about her personal life. Nevertheless, she joins many pioneering women in Kenya for honing football skills with utmost confidence. Her performance in multiple games highlights the amount of hard work and patience she puts into her craft; it is nothing short of admirable. She hopes to join university but will still pursue her football career as her first love.

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Jentrix Shikangwa Net Worth and Assets 

Jentrix is still a minor and so she has no stable form of income yet to enable us to ascertain her net worth. However, with the trajectory she has taken, she is bound to be successful.

Real name  Jentrix Shikangwa Milimu
Age 19 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Net worth Unknown


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