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Joan Kubai Biography, Age, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Joan Kubai Biography, Age, Career, Education, Husband, Net Worth
Joan Wanjiku Kubai

Joan Wanjiku Kubai is a stunning young wealthy Kenyan babe that took the internet by storm after giving her viewers a home tour that left most feeling poor. The home tour video went viral with most Kenyans questioning how the family is able to live large during these tough times.

Joan Kubai Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Joan is a Kenyan beauty that hails from the Kikuyu community of Kenya. She was born in the year 1998 making her 22 years old as of the year 2020. More details about her birth date and place of birth are not yet out in the public domain.

Joan Kubai Education Background

Unexpected to many, Joan is part of the Kenyan 8-4-4 education system. She revealed this at the Nairobi Social and she ended up receiving backlash from fellow rich kids who said that her school fees was their pocket money.

Joan Kubai House tour

If you ever thought that ‘home’ has the same meaning to every person in Kenya, then you, my friend, are misinformed. On Monday the 6th of July, 2020, Kenyans were left feeling like paupers after Joan Kubai posted a video of her house tour on Snap chat.

The grand house that is located in Nairobi’s lavish Runda estate has 5 living rooms, a home library, a gymnasium and many other things that are rare to find in a normal Kenyan home. There is a lift that goes to the second floor. In addition, the rooms have walk-in closets, including her little brother’s.

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This is where it gets crazy; the deluxe green compound is well tamed and the grass well mowed, with water sprinkled using pipes. It also has an outside kitchen, several garages with uncountable luxurious cars, a gazebo, a swimming pool, her small brother’s football post, a storage area for what she terms as ‘basic’ tools such as lawn mowers.

The house managers’ room looks like a hotel on its own. The family has several guest rooms that are hardly ever used, each with beautiful balconies that can give you the best lounging time. Joan took over 12 minutes to show us the entire home and Kenyans are still trying to understand how wealthy the Kubai family is.

The house tour came in after some viewers claimed that Joan was living in a hotel, bragging and displaying photos of a place they do not own. Others went ahead and requested for a house tour so as to silence the claims.

Joan Kubai Twitter and Instagram

After the video went viral, Joan became a topic of discussion on twitter, with most tweeps calling her foolish for exposing her parents and their security like that. Most, however, were left silenced by the fact that there are some people in the same city that had homes that looks like hotels.

Joan Kubai is also an active user of Instagram and that is where she shares a lot of her gorgeous photos.

Joan Kubai Home tour challenge

After the video went viral, most Kenyans decided to create a challenge of the same where they did their own home tours. This was so hilarious with some saying that if they decided to do a home tour, theirs would be a GIF. They may even need to do it in slow motion so as to buy more time while at it.

Joan Kubai Parents

Joan Kubai is the daughter of Nairobi city tycoons George Kubai and Isabella Kubai. George Kubai is the GM of the Downstream Operations at the National Oil.

Joan Kubai Family

Facts have it that Joan’s lineage dates back to the Kapenguria Six, with Fred Kubai being her biological grandfather. She, however, claims that she is in no way related to the political freedom fighter.

The internet beauty has 3 siblings, making them 4 kids. She has an older sister, who is married, an older brother named Jadiel Kubai then a younger brother named Jeremy Kubai. The two older siblings do not reside at their Karen home.

Joan Kubai Father Dam Scandal

After Joan flaunted the grand mansion that belongs to her parents, the internet could not hold in the fact that Peter Kubai, a Nairobi city tycoon, had his name in a dam scandal that saw hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money squandered. Kenyans did the math and realized that some of the money could have ended up in purchasing the grand mansion. By filming and posting the home, Joan exposed the filth on his dad’s name, with Kenyans on Twitter not sparing a single soul with it. Her father is still being investigated by the EACC for looting and misappropriating public funds.

Joan Kubai Video Pull-down

After the video trended, the family members, extended family, neighbors, watchmen, house managers and probably even dogs that belonged to the wealthy family had their phones beeping with everyone being worried about the attention that the poor girl brought to the family. I guess hell broke loose for the dread-headed girl, something that led her to ask people to report the pages and accounts that were reposting her video.

She said that sharing the video was invasion of privacy. This was pretty hilarious to Kenyans because why were you sharing it on the internet in the first place? As we speak, the video is trending now more than ever. The Kubai family may need to find a new home because robbers have an easy access, using the video to find out how to maneuver the mansion.

Joan Kubai Hobbies

Some of her hobbies include playing badminton, swimming and travelling. She enjoys globe-trotting where she has been able to travel to different places such as Watamu, Malindi, Maasai Mara, Dubai and Mauritius.

Joan Kubai Boyfriend

Joan has not yet disclosed the information about the lucky man. This article will be updated as soon as we get hold of the in formation.

Joan Kubai Net worth

When you are a daughter to a billionaire who has a home that has a lift, an attic for a home library, six bedrooms each with walk-in closets and countless wall art pieces and mirrors, tall security doors, more mirrors, a gazebo, a swimming pool, towering security walls, five huge living rooms, flashy cars and an extensive well-kept lush compound, nothing can stop you from having millions of shillings in your bank account.

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