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Joyce Mwikamba, Late Wife to Paul Mackenzie Nthenge Biography

Joyce Mwikamba, Wife to Paul Mackenzie Nthenge Biography

The late Joyce Mwikamba was the wife of controversial spiritual leader Paul Mackenzie Nthenge. Not much is known about her early life or background, as she has largely remained out of the public eye. However, it is known that she was a devout Christian and has been actively involved in her husband’s ministry.

Who is Joyce Mwikamba?

A photo of Mackenzie and his late wife, Joyce Mwikamba, recently surfaced on social media, and rumours have been circulating that they founded the church-like cult together. However, little is known about Joyce and her involvement in her husband’s controversial religious movement. She was rarely seen in public, and a source revealed to us that she passed on in 2019.

The photo was taken in 2018 when the couple appeared in court after Mackenzie was accused of encouraging children not to attend school and instead attend his church. Aisha Jumwa, former MP of Malindi, filed the charges against him. During the court appearance, Mackenzie denied the allegations and was released on a KSh 500,000 bond with surety.

Joyce Mwikamba’s Early Life and Education

Joyce Mwikamba was born in the 70s, in Nyandarua County, Kenya. She grew up in a religious family and was raised in the Christian faith. Mwikamba attended Kilifi High School and later joined Moi University to pursue a degree in Education.

Joyce Mwikamba’s Career

After completing her education, Joyce Mwikamba worked as a teacher for several years before joining her husband Paul Mackenzie Nthenge in ministry. She was an active member of Mackenzie’s Good News International Church and assisted in various church activities.

Joyce Mwikamba’s Marriage and Family Life

Joyce Mwikamba married Paul Mackenzie Nthenge in 1999, and together they have seven children. The couple’s marriage has been marred with controversy, particularly due to Mackenzie’s extreme teachings and allegations of manipulation and control over his followers.

Joyce Mwikamba’s Controversies and Legal Issues

Joyce Mwikamba had been implicated in several controversies surrounding her husband’s ministry. In 2018, she and Paul Mackenzie Nthenge were arraigned in court for religious radicalization and promoting extreme belief systems. The court ordered the immediate closure of their TV station.

In 2021, Joyce Mwikamba’s husband was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the deaths of two children in Kilifi County. She has not been directly implicated in the case, but her involvement in her husband’s ministry has raised questions about her role in the alleged manipulation and control over followers.

Joyce Mwikamba’s Personal Life and Hobbies

Joyce Mwikamba was known to be a private person, and little is known about her personal life and hobbies. She has been described as a devoted wife and mother, and her involvement in charity work and community development initiatives is not well-documented.

Joyce Mwikamba was the wife of controversial spiritual leader Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, whose teachings and actions have raised questions about the role of religion in society. Her involvement in Mackenzie’s ministry has been marred with controversy, and her silence on the allegations against her husband has raised eyebrows.

Despite the lack of information on Joyce, the emergence of this photo has sparked curiosity and interest in the wife of the controversial preacher. It remains to be seen whether she will come forward and provide any insight into her involvement in her husband’s religious organization.

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