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Pastor Paul Mackenzie Net Worth, Biography, Family, Property

Pastor Paul Mackenzie: Biography, Family and Net Worth

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is a self-proclaimed controversial spiritual leader who is in police custody in connection with the deaths of his followers. The recent arrest of Mackenzie in connection with the deaths of two children in the village of Shakahola, in Kilifi County, has shed light on the dangerous doctrine he allegedly preaches, and has left many questioning the role of religion in society.

Once a controversial televangelist, Mackenzie is accused of manipulating locals through extreme religious teachings that encourage his followers to starve themselves to death in order to reach heaven faster.

In this article, we unmask the disturbing details surrounding the self-styled spiritual leader, Paul Mackenzie, who is now being investigated for allegedly preaching a dangerous doctrine that has led to the deaths of some of his followers.

Paul Mackenzie’s Early Life

Paul Mackenzie was born on August 1st, 1972, in Tennessee, United States of America. He grew up in a religious household and was exposed to Christianity from a young age. Paul attended high school in Tennessee, and after completing his high school education, he joined Tennessee University to pursue a degree in Theology. His education in Theology prepared him for a life of service in the ministry.

Paul Mackenzie’s Family and Personal Life

Paul Mackenzie is married to Joyce Mwikamba, and together they have seven children. His wife is also involved in the ministry and is passionate about helping the less fortunate. Paul and his family have been known to work together to give back to their community through various philanthropic initiatives.

Paul Mackenzie moved to Shakahola village with some of his members who needed to start a new life after closing his Good News International Church in Malindi in August 2019. He now resides in the village and occasionally visits his farm.

He now identifies himself as Mr. Mackenzie, no longer a pastor. He claims to have spiritual prophetic power, and states that his basic teachings involve following Christ and not him.

From Tennessee to Kenya: The Journey of a Passionate Pastor

In 2003, Paul Mackenzie moved to Kenya and established the Good News International church, based on the teachings of William Branham. Mackenzie was initially praised for his selfless leadership and philanthropy, which included feeding the homeless and supporting local and foreign missionaries.

Building a Cult-like Following: The Dark Side of Mackenzie’s Ministry

However, Mackenzie’s ministry quickly turned controversial as he began to lead his followers down a dangerous path. He advised his congregation to fast to see heaven, which led to several deaths due to starvation. The police discovered many graves believed to be buried with the bodies of believers who might have perished due to lack of eating. Detectives camped in Shakahola Forest in Malindi for three days to rescue Mackenzie’s followers and unearth buried bodies.

Philanthropy or Hypocrisy? The Conflicting Legacy of Mackenzie’s Charitable Works

Despite the controversies, Mackenzie was also known for his generous work with helping the needy and less fortunate. He founded a foundation reputable for providing healthcare and education services to underprivileged children, building schools and clinics, and improving countless lives. However, it remains unclear whether these charitable works were genuine or just a facade to cover up his misdeeds.

Scandalous Scandals: Mackenzie’s Misdeeds and Controversies

Mackenzie’s church was proven to be a cult by the police after it was found that he was misleading his followers. He claimed to have power to speak to God directly and delivered words as given by God himself in his sermons. He also preached about the uselessness of life and stressed on the afterlife. In 2018, his TV station was ordered for immediate closure, and Mackenzie and his wife were arraigned in court for religious radicalization and promoting extreme belief systems.

Paul Mackenzie’s Controversial Accusations

The State accuses Mackenzie of manipulating locals through skewed extreme religious teachings, leading to the deaths of many. He is now on the detectives’ radar for allegedly preaching a dangerous doctrine that encourages his followers to starve themselves to death in order to reach heaven faster.

Mackenzie and two other suspects, Isaac Ngala and Emily Kaunga, are under investigation for the deaths of two children, who were allegedly starved and suffocated to death on the advice of Mackenzie, and buried in a shallow grave at Shakahola village. Mackenzie denies the accusations and claims that he has always been on the media for the wrong reasons.

Paul Mackenzie’s Net Worth

Mackenzie’s controversial teachings, scandals, and accusations have put his philanthropy and net worth in question. While the exact net worth of Paul Mackenzie remains unclear, multiple sources indicate that the self-proclaimed controversial spiritual leader’s wealth is likely to exceed USD 200 million.

Reports suggest that a significant portion of his wealth has been accumulated through church proceeds, with some members allegedly selling their property and handing over the cash to the pastor.

Category Information
Name Paul Mackenzie Nthenge
Age Born on August 1st, 1972
Birthplace Tennessee, United States of America
Occupation Self-proclaimed controversial spiritual leader
Family Married to Michelle Mackenzie with seven children
Controversies Preaching a dangerous doctrine that led to the deaths of his followers; Leading a cult; Religious radicalization and promoting extreme belief systems
Scandals TV station closure in 2018
Current Situation In police custody in connection with the deaths of two children
Philanthropy Providing healthcare and education services to underprivileged children; Building schools and clinics
Net Worth Estimated to be over USD 200 million from church proceeds; Unclear net worth details

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