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Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) Salary Scales 2022

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Kenya power and lighting company (KPLC) is one of the parastatals that each and every one would admire working with. In the previous article, we did a review about best companies in Kenya to consider working for in 2021. Fortunately, Kenya Power is one of them.

The company has been well known and has a good name in terms of employee remuneration and general welfare. It cares much about its employees because they are exposed to many risks in their daily endeavors.

Recently, back in 2018, Kenya Power employees earned an extra Sh. 2.2 billion in total salaries and wages. This has led to handsome pays per-capita in various categories as we are going to discuss below. Currently, the company has more than 12,000 employees executing various roles countrywide.

Since the increment, each and every month the company prepares a payroll of about Sh14.9 billion. This effects the lowest paid employ in the management category pocketing up to Sh. 110,000. Why all these huge funds? Well, Kenya Power Company is a monopoly which means that they provide an essential utility yet they do not have competitors.

This implies further that they are the price setters; you cannot do without consuming their services even if they exorbitantly raise their prices.

Consequently, the company is worth billions of monies in capital and assets due to making daily super-normal profits.

In this article, we are reviewing the Kenya Power Company salary scale as of the year 2022. If you have a dream of joining the company as a worker, here is a quick guide to check your salary expectations.

Kenya Power Salary Scales for Trainees

This is the part of the article that you have been fidgeting in your chairs to read about. Believe it or not, a trainee engineer at Kenya Power Company earns more than an engineering lecturer at Kenyatta University. In this category they pocket more than Sh. 145,000. As in the year 2015, they were pocketing Sh. 140,000.

Due to inflation in the economy and the rise in cost of living, it is by common sense that they must go home with something above the previous pay monthly. An engineering lecturer at Kenyatta University still earns less than Sh. 140,000 up to date! To make matters worse, the gap even widens further with an entry level lecturer who earns Sh. 90,000 before taxation.

KPLC Salary Scales for Interns 2022

Interns at Kenya Power always smile to the bank by end month. They pocket between Sh. 50,000 to Sh. 100,000 depending on department they are working in. They are also subjected to hefty allowances.

Most of the interns from various colleges at Kenya Power are retained and recruited as employees thus the company tries as much as possible to solve for unemployment crisis in Kenya.

Salary Scales Breakdown at Various Job Levels

KPLC still remains in a good position in the list of best paying parastatals in Kenya seeing its fresh graduates earn over Sh. 110,000.

The lowest level employee in the organization pockets at least sh. 30,000 monthly after deductions. People in this category are those who just took certificate in engineering courses, front office or soft courses from their respective universities.

They actually earn more than a freshly employed graduate secondary school teacher with a bachelor’s degree who earns peanuts after statutory deductions and taxes.

The starting salary for engineers at KPLC is over Sh. 120,000. Allowable allowances leave them with over Sh. 130,000.

Those employees in the senior management category pocket over Sh. 500,000 per month after taxes have been affected. They are also subjected to allowances.

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