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Lorna Maria Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

Lorna Maria Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth
Tina Wamwati Njambi (Maria's Lorna). Image: Instagram

Tina Njambi Wamwati is an exceptionally talented Kenyan actress who quickly rose to fame after playing the role of Lorna in the splendid Citizen TV’s drama series known as Maria. In the show, Tina is casted as Lorna, a very nosy house help in the Hausa family who cannot help but poke her nose in everyone’s business.

Lorna Maria Real Name, age, birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Lorna’s real name is Tina Njambi Wamwati. She was born 40 years ago in Central Kenya. Lorna hails from the Kikuyu community of Kenya. Currently, the information concerning the exact place she was born and her birthday are not yet known. We will update you with such information once we lay our hands on them.

Lorna Maria Cast

In the show Maria, Tina plays the role of Lorna, a very nosy and evil house help of the affluent Hausa family. Due to this, she has been nicknamed ‘Lorna FM’ in the show. You will find her nose in everyone’s business even if it does not concern her.

Unlike Lorna, Tina is a devoted Christian who loves inspiring people, especially the young generation. However, when she is on set, she gets in her element and Lorna comes out to play. She found it challenging in the beginning but over time, it got easier.

She landed the role after she went for the audition in 2019. At first, she was casted for the Maria Liki’s role but after shooting the pilot, the people thought that she was too young for the role. That is how she ended up playing the role of Lona, a role she loves so much playing.

Lorna Maria Acting

To most Maria fans, this is their first-time seeing Tina on TV. Unknown to many, Tina has acted before. She actually played a leading role as Jacky in Wash and Fate. After that, she had decided to put her acting career on hold so as to grow her business. However, her fans were on her back, asking for her to go back to acting.

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She then kept on praying to God and went for many auditions till she landed the Lorna role in 2019. Surprisingly, she never studied film but she loved acting ever since she was young.

Lorna Maria Citizen TV Death

Lorna is alive, safe and sound. Those spreading rumors about her death should put an end to it.

Lorna Maria Businesses

Alongside acting, Tina has two businesses that she runs. She runs Bakes and Packaging, a company that deals with baking ingredients for hotel and companies. Apart from that, she also does Ankara (African fabric) on the side.

Lorna Maria Husband, Married, Children

In real life, Lorna is not married and she has no biological kids. However, she takes care of 2 of her late sister’s children that she calls her own. She has raised them ever since they were young since her sister passed on when the children were still babies.

Lorna Maria Net worth

Tina is a very hardworking woman. Juggling between her businesses and acting is not an easy task. We are yet to know her real net worth as at 2020.

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