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Maoka Maore Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Maoka Maore Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The political scene in Kenya is marked by a number of members of parliament whose ageas are questionable. While the scene is slowly changing, there are some members of parliament and politicians who are heavily involved in change policies to help their constituents and the whole country at large. One such politician is honorable Maoka Maore, who is currently a member of parliament. In this article, we will explore his life and work.

Maoka Maore Age and Place of Birth

Richard Maoka Maore was born in Kenya just before independence, in September of 1962. He is currently 59 years old.

Maoka Maore Early Life, Education and Career

Richard Maoka Maore was born at a time when Kenya was still in the throes of colonialism, but luckily on the last leg. At this time, formal education was becoming more popular amongst most Kenyans. Richard’s parents wanted the best for him and so they sent him to school, to set him up for an even better success. He succeeded in primary school and went to pursue his O levels in two secondary schools; St Luke’s secondary school and the infamous Machakos Boys’ High School.

He the transitioned to doing a certificate in order for him to do his degree. The member of parliament was privileged to attend his university in the united states of America. His major was mostly in arts and the social sciences. Upon completion of the degree, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. 

Mr Maore then transitioned into being a member of parliament. He is the current member of parliament for Igembe North, which is in central Kenya. Owing to his very stellar achievements in getting a degree in sociology, he has vast knowledge of how politics work. Occasionally, he makes appearances as a panel member in certain TV news sections that focus on political science and so on. Alongside politicians like Ledama Olekina, they are passionate about political matters in the country. He is a member of the ruling party, Jubilee and he got to be a member of parliament through that ticket. In addition, he serves as the deputy majority whip in the Kenyan National Assembly.

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Maoka Maore Personal Life

The member of parliament likes to keep his life private and as such not much information is available about him online. He is not married and he doesn’t have children.

Maoka Maore Net Worth and Assets

Mr. Maore makes his money from being a member of parliament and his other ventures. While he makes considerable income, his net worth is not known at this time.

Real name Richard Maoka Maore
Age 59 years old
Place of birth Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Net worth Unknown


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