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Susan Mikula Biography, Net Worth, Background, Personal Life

Susan Mikula Biography, Net Worth, Background, Personal Life

The art industry is filled with numerous individuals who identify as creatives with a number of skills under their belt. While most people pursue art as a form of expression, some revel in the beauty and forms of it, enough to become pros and critiques. In this article, we will explore the life and work of one such critique, Susan Mikula.

Susan Mikula Age and Place of Birth

Susan Mikula was born in March of 1958 in New Jersey. She is currently 63 years old.

Susan Mikula Age and Place of Birth 

There’s not much to tell about Susan’s early life. However, it is worth noting that her adventurous spirit led her for discovering the arts and what she liked about it. She attended college like pretty much every other child but what sets her apart is that she is a self-taught photographer.

Susan Mikula Early Life and Education

Discovering photography at a time when the tools to do that were pretty much nonexistent is a skill and treasure to be proud of.

Another thing that sets her apart is that, as technology keeps evolving in the art industry, so do the tools. This evolution has not changed Susan’s aspect in the way she does photography. She has managed to keep her style distinct and unique by sticking to vintage ways of doing things. This method of doing this has set her apart in the industry that is now flooding with numerous photographers of all kinds. This is what has solidified her career and made her a great income.

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Susan Mikula Personal Life

Mikula is predominantly lesbian. Back in the 90s it was quite unpopular and frowned upon to be anything rather than heterosexual. Her choice in a partner was a sign of her brevity, non-conforming, and adventurous attitude in life. She met her partner, Rachel Maddow in 1999 and have been together since then. Their two personalities and nature of work naturally complement each other and they seem to have no problems in their union.

Susan Mikula Personal Life Net Worth 

The majority of her income comes from her work as a photographer and an art juror. She has been allowed to exhibit and do some exemplary work by high-end clients. Her net worth is at an estimated $6million.

Real Name Susan Mikula
Age 63 years old
Place of birth America
Marital status Married
Net worth $6 million


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