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Maria Ahmed Mzee (Bi Ua of Sultana Citizen TV) Biography, Age, Career

Maria Ahmed Mzee is a renowned Kenyan actress, commonly known for playing the role of Bi Ua in Sultana. Sultana is a new show that airs on Citizen TV which premiered on March 7, 2022 to replace Zora.

Early Life

Maria Ahmed Mzee was born in a coastal town in Kenya. She got her basic primary education. It is unclear whether or not she furthered her education. Also, details about her current age remain concealed from the public.


Maria Ahmed Mzee is best known for playing the role of Bi Ua in Sultana. Replacing the celebrated Zora, Sultana is a TV drama series that revolves around a young girl who is a supposed abomination according to the father and the community.

In the TV drama series, Sultana is a young girl who was born to her mother, who was the first wife of her father. Sadly, her father was always wanting a son, since girls are deemed as the weaker sex and could not inherit his property. His father was so close to killing her so as to save his face in the community.

When the second wife realized how dire the situation was, she hatched a plan. The second wife exchanged Sultana with a baby boy who was born around the same time as her. Sultana’s father came strong as a proud father to a son.

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When Sultana got separated from her wealthy blood family, she ended up in the village, wallowing in poverty. In addition, she had a disability. She had been born blind, something that was realized almost a few months after the ordeal.

Despite the challenges, Sultana makes the best out of her situation and capabilities and ends up a successful person.

Net worth

Maria Ahmed Mzee’s net worth as of April 2022 is estimated to be around $150,000.

Real name Maria Ahmed Mzee
Age Unknown
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Kenyan coast
Husband Unknown
Net worth $150,000


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