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Ondiek Nyuka Kwota Biography, Net Worth, Education, Personal Life

Ondiek Nyuka Kwota Biography, Net Worth, Education, Personal Life

Ondiek Nyuka Kwota, real name Hiram Mungai Ngigi, is a Kenyan actor who is one of the oldest and most famous. His acting on shows such as Vioja Mahakamani, Daktari, and Hullaballoo Estate has made him a household name. This article takes a look into his biography highlighting his background and career journey details. 

Ondiek Nyuka Kwota at Vioja Mahakamani

In the sitcom, he played the role of a boisterous boss. The show was aired on KBC every Friday in the 1990s and early 2000s. It portrayed the happenings in a courtroom, indigenous to Kenya. The show however came to an end after the creators and directors decided that they would let go of the older cast and replace them with younger actors. He also played on Vitimbi, one of Kenya’s oldest shows. Ondiek and the other thespians took their bags and left the show in solidarity with those that were let go of. According to Lucy Wangui, who played the judge, they left “when the cast of Vitimbi was told to leave due to their old age, we quit in solidarity as we are a family.”

The Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani actors were made Ambassadors of Arts and Culture which would put them on the government’s payroll. In Moi’s government, they would regularly go to the State House to entertain the president when he was having a bad day. In fact, they would not require an invitation to the State House.

Ondiek Nyuka Kwota at Daktari

They would then transition to Daktari on KTN and then later on to Maisha Magic East’s Hullabaloo Estate. Daktari was aired at 7:45 pm on Thursdays. Similarly, he played a boss and a doctor who helps people secure jobs. In 2019, Daktari was awarded the most-watched television show.  

Ondiek Nyuka Kwota at Hullaballoo Estate 

On Hullabaloo, the comedy series, Ondiek is the town’s richest man with a wife and numerous side women. In the streets, he is seen as a boss but back at home, he is a henpecked man. His wife even goes to the extent of beating him.

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Ondiek Nyuka Kwota Personal Life

He is married to one Beatrice and their marriage has been blessed with three children named Dennis, Maureen, and Esther.

Real Name Hiram Mungai Ngigi
Age 40s. (As of 2022)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1970s
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  Beatrice Ngigi
Children  Dennis, Maureen, and Esther
Profession/Career Actor
Net Worth N/A


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