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Palabana University Courses, Entry Requirements, and Fee Structures

Palabana University Courses, Entry Requirements, and Fee Structures

Palabana University is an institution of higher learning that is committed to training learners to become well-equipped members of society. The institution is focused on not only offering high-quality theoretical works but also ensures that learners have access to practical aspects of what they learn in the classrooms. This article looks into the career paths offered at Palabana University, the basic entry requisites, and the fee structures in place.

Palabana University Courses

The courses at Palabana are offered in three categories:

Category A

Graduate programs in Education, Arts, Law, and Communication for Development

Postgraduate Diplomas in Counseling, Human Rights and International Law

Category B

Graduate programs in Science, Mineral Sciences, and Engineering

Diploma and postgraduate program in ICT Policy & Regulation, and  in Computer Studies respectively

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Category C

Graduate programs in Science (Nursing), Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, and Medicine.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education for Health Professionals.

These courses are available to all learners who can choose from postgraduate diplomas, course work programs, master by research, and doctor of philosophy programs. 

Palabana University Fees Structure and Payments  

The Palabana University is committed to offering high-quality educational services. To this effect, the following is the fee structure for the various paths offered at the institution:

Postgraduate Diplomas cost K16,789, K18,358, and K21,808 for categories A, B, and C respectively.

Course work programs cost K16,789, K18,358, and K20,173/K21,808 for categories A, B, and C respectively. 

The master of research costs K14,674, K17,712, and K20,517  for categories A, B, and C respectively.

The doctor of philosophy programs cost K15,822, K18,617, and K26,063 for categories A, B, and C respectively.

Students planning to join the institution should also note that they will be charged for examination fees, registration, and other payments including maintenance, medical, internet, library, student amenities, and union fees. 

Entry Requirements

To secure placement in Palabana University, students should ensure that they have their necessary documents ready. These include past certifications as proof of the previous enrollment in other institutions of learning such as high school, identification documents, and transcripts. These must be availed before one can be called for an interview process. 

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