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Namulanda Technical Institute Courses, Fee Structure, and Location 

Namulanda Technical Training Institute

Namulanda Technical Institute is mostly referred to as NATI among Ugandans and students who attend the institution. It is Uganda’s pioneer center for innovative technologies and seeks to be a bridge filler between the goal Uganda has for herself and her present state. The country aims to be an industrialized nation and grow into a modern and high-revenue nation in the near future.

NATI comes along as a licensed technical institute to equip learners with the relevant theoretical and practical skills to be contributors to the goal the country has for itself. The learners are trained to be employment creators, solution providers, and innovators who can make a positive contribution to the nation by increasing revenue-generating opportunities and generally improving the livelihoods of its people.

To ensure that the institution is successful and a positive addition to society, it works with the Ministry of Health to interact with high school students and encourage transition into higher education for both genders on an equal slate.

Namulanda Technical Institute is an investment of the country and holds promise for offering a placement for students who wish to develop skills to start their own businesses or get into employment. 

Namulanda Technical Institute Courses

The following are some of the programs offered for study at the institution:

1. Plumbing 

This course equips learners with the basics and the technical aspects required to be skilled plumbers on small and large scales. 

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2. Motor Vehicle

Motor Vehicle is a program that covers the mechanics of automobiles and learners here are equipped with the relevant skills to become capable of addressing all motor vehicle needs.

3. Sheet metalwork and Welding

Training in this program is open to all learners willing to be taught the works in welding and handling sheet projects professionally.

4. Electrical Installation

This is a highly marketable program that is relevant to society at all times. Learners become certified electrical installers and can then further their skills in electrical engineering and so on.

5. Electronics

Electronics covers repairs and handling of all electronic devices.

6. Tailoring

Tailoring equips learners with a skill they can easily convert into an entrepreneurship journey that is richly rewarding.

7. Biogas and Fuels

The need for clean energy and addressing climate change is one of the things that NATI puts into focus and trains its learners on the same making them relevant to today’s society.

8. Carpentry and Joinery

Carpentry and joinery is a program that learners undertake to be skilled furniture professionals.

9. Radio and Television Repair

Radio and TV repair is also offered at the institution.

10. Solar & Wind Energy

This covers the skills needed to harness clean energy and make use of natural resources.

11. Brick Laying and Concrete Placing

Construction is an industry that is always present and this program equips learners with the skills to be relevant for that field.

12. Refrigeration and Air conditioning

With this certification, one can be qualified in handling refrigeration and air conditioning needs of buildings and so forth.

13. Catering

Catering is a program that allows graduates to develop their own businesses and offer their acquired services at a cost.

14. Computer Packages

Computer packages are also offered at the institution for all learners to make them move with society’s transformation.

Namulanda Technical Institute Latest Fee Structure

The institution’s fee structure is available with the school’s bursar office and can be accessed at the school. There is also the option to contact the school using the following details:

Address: P.O. Box 29293, Kampala

Uganda (East Africa)

Phone numbers: +256 31 261 2466

+256 77 297 0823

Email: [email protected]


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