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Maureen Muthoni, Sally Citizen TV Biography, Age, Net Worth

Maureen Muthoni Sally Citizen TV Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Maureen Muthoni is a Kenyan actress famous for the role of ‘Sally’ which she plays in the new Citizen TV show Becky. She is quite new in the film industry, even though she has been in theatre.

Early Life

Maureen Muthoni was born in 1994. She is of Kikuyu descent and grew up in Nairobi. She is the eldest of four in her family.


While there are no details of her early education, she studied Film Production in campus.


Maureen Muthoni has been in the film industry for a while. However, she was taking up roles on shows and dramas that are not as famous as Citizen TV’s Becky. She plays the role of ‘Sally’, Junior’s sister in Becky.

In the show, Sally managed to win the heart of many Kenyans due to her kindness. She is seen as being hospitable to Becky, helping her get comfortable in their home. Also, Sally manages to convince her mother to let Becky keep her job even after being late on the first day of work.

Apart from her career in the Film industry, Maureen Muthoni is also a brand ambassador. She has managed to partner up with several brands. She is also an entrepreneur as she has ventured into multiple businesses.

Many are excited to find out more about Maureen Muthoni and her fate as Sally in the Citizen TV show ‘Becky’. Others cant wait to witness her career get better due to her part in the show.

Net Worth

There are no details on Maureen Muthoni’ s net worth. She earns her wealth through her acting career as well as businesses deals. She also earns through brand promotion.

Real Name Maureen Muthoni
Age 29 years
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Unknown
Fiancé/ Wife Unknown
Net Worth Unknown

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