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Becky Citizen TV Full Cast, Actors, Characters, Today’s Episode

Citizen TV Becky Full Cast, Actors, Characters, Today's Episode

Becky is the new Citizen TV show that premiered on July 31st, 2023. The show replaced Citizen TV’s Sultana which ended on 27th July 2023. Just like Maria, Zora, and Sultana, Becky is also a Jiffy Pictures Production. The drama series also comes with a great theme song that has so far been loved by Citizen TV fans across all walks of life.

Episodes Summary

Episode One

The show starts with Becky getting ready for her first day of work. She is a bit tense since she overslept and is having trouble with her old cell phone. She sets off for work but ends up hurting herself on the way after her phone goes off. She has no idea where her new workplace is located and therefore heads to her friend Tracey, for help.

On the other side, Becky’s new boss is now angry since she expected Becky to be early for work on her first day. Her daughter, Sally tells her to calm down since it’s supposed to be a good day for them. They decide to wait for an hour else Becky is fired.

Sally’s friends; Lily, Shilah, and Frank, arrive. They are décor designers. Mama Sally gives them the go-ahead to start their work. On the other hand, Becky leaves Tracey’s place and decides to call Mama Sally again but her phone goes off again, so she decides to return to Tracey again. She later leaves with Tracey’s phone.

Mama Sally is now talking to her son, Junior. It is Junior’s birthday. Becky on the other hand is still lost and trying to figure out a way to get to work. She runs out of money and has to walk around a neighborhood she’s not familiar with.

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Becky finally arrives at the gate. However, Mama Sally is now done and doesn’t want Becky to work at her place anymore. She goes on her knees and begs Mama Sally to give her a chance but it does not work. Sally talks to her mother who later allows Becky to stay.

Junior’s car refuses to start yet he and his girlfriend, Trisha are supposed to make it to the party.

Episode two

Sally and her mother go into their house and find Becky still doing her assigned chores. Mama Sally goes ahead to inspect Sally’s work and goes upstairs without saying a word. Sally tells Becky that she did a good job and Becky is surprised since Mama Sally looked a bit unsatisfied. However, Sally reassures her and tells her to keep up the good work.

The guests arrive and are obviously in awe of the place. It is actually Trisha’s birthday. Sally receives a call from Junior confirming that everything is ready. Sally then tells everyone to get ready since Junior and Trisha are almost arriving.

Junior and Trisha then walk to the venue since their car still wouldn’t start. They get to the party. Becky sees Junior and turns out they know each other. Becky runs into the house with lots of questions on her mind.

Full Cast and Real Names

Stage Name Real Name
Becky Lucy Maina
Junior Andrew Levi
Trisha Trisha Khalid
Jeff Prince Mwangi Kariithi
Martha Monica Wairimu
Sally Maureen Muthoni
Shantell Chantelle Naisola
Tito Sammy Mwangi
Sanchez Jeff Omondi
Lexy Amina Hussein
Hotel Server Raazy Junior

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