Home People Kenya Salome Wairimu Biography – Age, Songs, Family, Home, Endorsements

Salome Wairimu Biography – Age, Songs, Family, Home, Endorsements

Salome Wairimu Biography - Age, Songs, Family, Home, Endorsements

Salome Wairimu Biography

Salome Wairimu a Kenyan young girl who quickly rose to fame after her song she wrote by the title ‘Janga La Corona’ went viral. Due to her fame, she has recently appeared on television interviews.

Salome Wairimu Age and Place of Birth

Salome hails from Eldoret in Uasin Gishu county from a humble background.

Salome Wairimu Education

She is currently a standard six pupil at Segera Advents SDA primary school.

How Salome Wairimu Rose to Fame

On media interviews, Salome expressed her love for writing. She wrote the song just for fun in form of ‘insha’ little did she know that her song would make her wake up as a celebrity.

After wringing the lyrics, she tried singing it in presence of her parents who were touched with the song, good voice and decided to her her in the studio for recording.

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In the song, Salome expresses the bitterness of the Corona Virus Pandemic and how the disease has affected the Kenyan economy. She further thanks the Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta for the measures he has put in place to combat the pandemic and urges him to come up with more measures.

Salome’s mother describes her as an obedient courageous and talented young girl whom she discovered her singing ability at the age of three. Back in school, Salome loves writing lyrics in any book she comes about. Teachers even told the mother to buy her a special book for writing songs because they discovered her song-writing ability.

On an interview with citizen TV, Salome further expressed her sorrow for the Covid-19 pandemic and urged all Kenyans to follow directives issued by the government through the Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Mutahi Kagwe and President Uhuru Kenyatta. This will allow Kenya at large to fight the disease.

Salome Wairimu Net Worth

Her net worth as of the year 2020 is not yet clear. Due to her fame, various brands are at hand to sign deals with Salome which will soon pocket her handsome pays.

Salome Wairimu Boyfriend

Details about her boyfriend are currently not available

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