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Top 10 Richest Kenyan Pastors and their Net Worth 2020/2021

Top 10 Richest Pastors in Kenya and their Net Worth 2020
Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev. Cathy Kiuna. Photo: Courtesy

In Kenya, the constitution provides for the freedom of worship. Many Pastors have consequently come up with various denominations. Major divisions have also occurred in Kenyan churches because of quest for power and leadership. This because there is a belief that churches are a lucrative business and therefore a cash cow.

Divisions have led to an increase in Kenyan churches and an increase in the number of Kenya bishops too. Some bishops are for real intended to spread God’s message to the world while others seem to be in the business world.

Although it is actually so hard to know how much pastors make and their total net worth, it is by common sense that if you have a look at their general lifestyle and kind of assets they own, you can estimate. In this article we will highlight the Kenyan top and richest pastors as of the year 2020/2021. Here are the Richest pastors that control Kenya’s economy in 2021:

1. Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna

An old adage says that “if you want to go far, go alone, if you want to go further, go together”. Another saying adds that “behind every successful man is a woman”. The couple are the founders of Jubilee Christian Church commonly known as JCC.

JCC is now a global venture which has several branches not only in Kenya but also abroad. The Kenya’s major towns where JCC is situated include:

  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Machakos
  • Nakuru
  • Kitengela
  • Garissa

The two also have abroad branches which include:

  • Atlanta
  • Johannesburg South Africa
  • Dallas Texas
  • London

From their flash lifestyle they display on their social media handles, it can be concluded that the two have handsome incomes from their ministries. Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s net worth is estimated to be over Kshs. 5 Billion.

2. Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor

He is one of the most followed prophets in Kenya. He commands a lot of respect from his followers too. Unlike other pastors, Owuor doesn’t take offerings from his flock during church services. Since he is well known worldwide, he gets donations from various individuals, organizations and well-wishers globally who wish to support the ministry.

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In Kenya, the prophet has various churches and alters almost in every county. He also holds annual worship meetings and conferences not only in Kenya but also across some selected countries in the world such as Czech Republic, Israel, among others.

From his lifestyle, it can be concluded that the prophet is in the category of a five-figure monthly income. He has a good residence in Kenya and drives a posh Mercedes S500 class worth Kshs. 25 Million and a Range Rover worth Kshs. 20 Million. Owuor’s estimated net worth is over Kshs. 3.5 Billion.

3. Brother Kamlesh Pattni

Pattni  has a Hindu origin. He has ever been a big figure and a tender-preneur in Kenya. The man in question was once mentioned in the Kenyan major scandal; the Goldenberg. He is commonly known as Brother Pattni.

He converted from Hindu religion and founded a church in Kenya which has gathered a massive following. Pattni has lots of investments in major cities of the country such as Mombasa, Nairobi and Maasai Mara National Park. As a businessman, his estimated net worth is over Kshs. 3 Billion.

4. Maina Njenga

Maina is a former leader of the popular Kenyan Mungiki. He was later saved and founded the church by the name Hope International Ministries based in Kitengela. Maina has largely invested in the real estate, having land in Kenya’s major towns such as Kajiado, Laikipia, Mombasa Road and Nyandarua. His land totals up to 33,000 acres. His German machines values up to Kshs. 52 million. He has a total net worth of over Kshs. 2.5 Billion.

5. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

She is the founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries located in Nairobi Kenya. He once served in the Kenyan government as the Starehe Member of Parliament.

In 2017, Wanjiru vied for a sit as the Nairobi’s governor alongside other candidates such as Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Evans Kidero, Peter Kenneth and the controversial Kenyan-Canadian Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

Wanjiru plans to build a multi-million building along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi’s CBD. Her estimated net worth is over Kshs. 2.5 Billion.

6. Pastor Pius Muiru

Muiru is the founder of Maximum Miracle Center. In 2007, Pastor Muiru vied for a Kenyan presidential sit, which saw him collect over Kshs. 100 Million from citizens countrywide. The man of God is estimated to be having a net worth of over Kshs. 2.5 Billion

7. Pastor Thomas Wahome

Thomas is on of the Kenya’s pastors who are so silent and unpopular. He is the man behind Helicopter Ministries. He owns valuables such as a range rover Sport car over Kshs 20 Million and a luxurious house worth Kshs. 50 Million.

Thomas had a family affair mess which was unearthed when his wife sued him for failing to meet her demands and therefore demanded an upkeep stipend of Kshs. 500,000 per month. His estimated net worth is over Kshs. 2.5 billion.

8. Pastor Victor Kanyari

Kanyari is also among Kenya’s men of God who are doing extremely well. He once made news with his “panda mbegu” drama which was revealed by Mohammed Ali of the then popular news section titled “Jicho Pevu” on KTN.

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In the reveal, he was accused of faking and selling miracles to innocent miracle-following flock. The pastor has a multi-million palatial bungalow along Kangundo road in Nairobi county. Kanyari’s estimated net worth is over Kshs. 2.5 Billion.

9. Reverend Teresia Wairimu

She has served in her ministry, the Faith Evangelist Ministries Family for a very long time. Teresia is the founder of a multi-billion sanctuary located in Karen. The sanctuary was opened by His Excellency President Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta and reverend Reinhard Bonnke.  Her church has a large worshiper-following. Her estimated net income is over Kshs. 1.5 Billion.

10. Bishop Mark Kariuki

Kariuki Mark is also on our list. He is a televangelist who has appeared on Kenyan screens for a good number of years. He has a top post in Deliverance Church Kenya. The man of God lives a good life with a posh House in Nairobi and a fleet of vehicles. His estimated net worth is over Kshs. 1 Billion.

  Name Ministry Net Worth
1. Allan Kiuna & Kathy Kiuna Jubilee Christian Church Kshs. 5.1 Billion
2. Prophet David Edward Owuor Repentance and Holiness Kshs. 3.5 Billion
3. Brother Kamlesh Pattni   Kshs. 3.2 Billion
4. Maina Njenga Hope International Ministries Kshs. 2.5 Billion
5. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Jesus is Alive Ministries Kshs. 2.5 Billion
6. Pastor Pius Muiru Maximum Miracle Center Kshs. 2.5 Billion
7. Pastor Thomas Wahome Helicopter Ministries Kshs. 2.5 Billion
8. Pastor Victor Kanyari   Kshs. 2.5 Billion
9. Reverend Teresia Wairimu Faith Evangelist Ministries Kshs. 1.5 Billion
10. Bishop Mark Kariuki Deliverance Church Kenya Kshs. 1.1 Billion


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