Home People Kenya Silas Maria Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Education, Net Worth

Silas Maria Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Education, Net Worth

Silas Maria Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Family, Education, Net Worth
Ian Nyakundi Isaboke (Silas in Maria Drama Series)

Ian Nyakundi Isaboke is a talented filmmaker and Kenyan actor who is widely known for playing the role of Silas in Maria, a show that airs on Citizen TV that has had millions of Kenyans glued to their TVs whenever it is on. He has also been on a number of commercials.

Silas Maria Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Ian Nyakundi Isaboke was born on March, 1995 in Kisii, Kisii County, Kenya. The fitness and fashion enthusiast recently turned 25 years old. Judging by his age, the talented actor has done so much and continues to shine bright.

Silas Maria Education Background

Ian Nyakundi Isaboke went to Kibra Primary School in Nairobi County for his primary education. He then went to Cardinal Otunga High School in Kisii County for his secondary education. He then proceeded to campus before becoming a professional actor.

Silas Maria Acting

Nyakundi Isaboke is one talented actor. Apart from casting on Maria, he has been able to appear in other local shows such as Varshita.

Silas Maria Work

Nyakundi Isaboke is a creative content strategist, filmmaker and actor based in Kenya’s capital; Nairobi. He is the creative director at Afro Imagination. Nyakundi Isaboke has also appeared in a number of commercials.

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Silas Maria Show on Citizen TV

If you love watching Maria, then you know exactly who this witty lad is. Ian Nyakundi played the role of Silas in Maria, a show that airs on Citizen TV every weekday between 7.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. In the Kenyan drama show Maria, Silas is the daughter to Rufina. Silas used to date Vanesa but Rufina never approved of her simply because she came from the rich Hausa family.

Silas’ new girlfriend is Maggie (Beatrice Dorea Chege), a clingy girl from the ghetto who does everything in her power to win Silas’ love against Vanesa. The main advantage that Maggie has here is the fact that Rufina, Silas’ mother, approved her as the son’s girlfriend since she comes from the ghetto and actually wants them to get married. However, Silas’ heart is with Vanesa.

Silas Maria Hobbies

Just like any other human being, Ian Nyakundi has things he loves to do during his free time. One of those things is watching football. He is the biggest fan of Manchester United, a football club that he supports and loves to death. Locally, he supports Shabana FC. During his free time, he listens to reggae or does writing, a skill that he has gotten better at over time.

Silas Maria Girlfriend

In the show, Maggie is Silas’ girlfriend. However, the two are not together in real life. Ian Nyakundi Isaboke is yet to tell the world who the lucky woman in his life is. We will let you know about it once we get a grasp of this information.

Silas Maria Net worth

Details about Ian Nyakundi Isaboke’s net worth are yet to be put out to the public. However, acting and film-making really do make him a decent amount of money.

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